Gentoo Security Database

This page contains security data related to the Gentoo distribution. Currently, you can find our advisories here. In the future, more information on CVE names as well as statistics will be available.

Reporting a vulnerability
Information about how to report security vulnerabilities and contact information for confidential reports is available at the Gentoo Linux Security pages.
Security Documentation
If you want to learn more about keeping your Gentoo system secure please visit our security documentation.

Most recent Gentoo Linux Security Advisories

ID Title Date
GLSA 201808-04 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities August 22, 2018
GLSA 201808-03 NetworkManager VPNC plugin: Privilege escalation August 22, 2018
GLSA 201808-02 LinuX Containers user space utilities: Arbitrary file read August 22, 2018
GLSA 201808-01 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities August 22, 2018
GLSA 201807-04 cURL:Heap-based Buffer Overflow July 29, 2018
GLSA 201807-03 ZNC:Multiple Vulnerabilities July 29, 2018
GLSA 201807-02 Passenger: Multiple Vulnerabilities July 22, 2018
GLSA 201807-01 tqdm: Arbitrary code execution July 18, 2018
GLSA 201806-09 PNP4Nagios: Root privilege escalation June 24, 2018
GLSA 201806-08 file: Denial of service June 23, 2018
GLSA 201806-07 Transmission: Remote code execution June 20, 2018