Gentoo Linux Security Advisories (GLSA)

This page lists all security advisories that were released by the Gentoo security team. For more information, please visit our distribution's security overview.

ID Title
202406-05 JHead: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202406-04 LZ4: Memory Corruption
202406-03 RDoc: Remote Code Execution
202406-02 Flatpak: Sandbox Escape
202406-01 GLib: Privilege Escalation
202405-33 PoDoFo: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-32 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-31 Kubelet: Privilege Escalation
202405-30 Rebar3: Command Injection
202405-29 Node.js: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-28 NVIDIA Drivers: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-27 Epiphany: Buffer Overflow
202405-26 qtsvg: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-25 MariaDB: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-24 ytnef: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-23 U-Boot tools: double free vulnerability
202405-22 rsync: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-21 Commons-BeanUtils: Improper Access Restriction
202405-20 libjpeg-turbo: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-19 xar: Unsafe Extraction
202405-18 Xpdf: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-17 glibc: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-16 Apache Commons BCEL: Remote Code Execution
202405-15 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-14 QtWebEngine: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-13 borgmatic: Shell Injection
202405-12 Pillow: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-11 MIT krb5: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-10 Setuptools: Denial of Service
202405-09 MediaInfo, MediaInfoLib: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-08 strongSwan: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-07 HTMLDOC: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-06 mujs: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-05 MPlayer: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-04 systemd: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-03 Dalli: Code Injection
202405-02 ImageMagick: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202405-01 Python, PyPy3: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202403-04 XZ utils: Backdoor in release tarballs
202403-03 UltraJSON: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202403-02 Blender: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202403-01 Tox: Remote Code Execution
202402-33 PyYAML: Arbitrary Code Execution
202402-32 btrbk: Remote Code Execution
202402-31 GNU Aspell: Heap Buffer Overflow
202402-30 Glances: Arbitrary Code Execution
202402-29 LibreOffice: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-28 Samba: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-27 Glade: Denial of Service
202402-26 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-25 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-24 Seamonkey: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-23 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-22 intel-microcode: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-21 QtNetwork: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-20 Thunar: Arbitrary Code Execution
202402-19 libcaca: Arbitary Code Execution
202402-18 Exim: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-17 CUPS: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-16 Apache Log4j: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-15 e2fsprogs: Arbitrary Code Execution
202402-14 QtWebEngine: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-13 TACACS+: Remote Code Execution
202402-12 GNU Tar: Out of Bounds Read
202402-11 libxml2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-10 NBD Tools: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-09 Wireshark: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-08 OpenSSL: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-07 Xen: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-06 FreeType: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-05 Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-04 GNAT Ada Suite: Remote Code Execution
202402-03 QtGui: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202402-02 SDDM: Privilege Escalation
202402-01 glibc: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-34 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-33 WebKitGTK+: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-32 libaom: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-31 containerd: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-30 X.Org X Server, XWayland: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-29 sudo: Memory Manipulation
202401-28 GOCR: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-27 Ruby: Multiple vulnerabilities
202401-26 Apache XML-RPC: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-25 OpenJDK: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-24 Nettle: Denial of Service
202401-23 libuv: Buffer Overread
202401-22 libspf2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202401-21 KTextEditor: Arbitrary Local Code Execution
202401-20 QPDF: Buffer Overflow
202401-19 Opera: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-18 zlib: Buffer Overflow
202401-17 libgit2: Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
202401-16 FreeRDP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-15 Prometheus SNMP Exporter: Basic Authentication Bypass
202401-14 RedCloth: ReDoS Vulnerability
202401-13 FAAD2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-12 Synapse: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-11 Apache Batik: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-10 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-09 Eclipse Mosquitto: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-08 util-linux: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-07 R: Directory Traversal
202401-06 CUPS filters: Remote Code Execution
202401-05 RDoc: Command Injection
202401-04 WebKitGTK+: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-03 BlueZ: Privilege Escalation
202401-02 c-ares: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202401-01 Joblib: Arbitrary Code Execution
202312-17 OpenSSH: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-16 libssh: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-15 Git: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-14 FFmpeg: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-13 Gitea: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-12 Flatpak: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-11 SABnzbd: Remote Code Execution
202312-10 Ceph: Root Privilege Escalation
202312-09 NASM: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-08 LibRaw: Heap Buffer Overflow
202312-07 QtWebEngine: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-06 Exiv2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-05 libssh: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-04 Arduino: Remote Code Execution
202312-03 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202312-02 Minecraft Server: Remote Code Execution
202312-01 Leptonica: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-18 GLib: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-17 phpMyAdmin: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-16 Open vSwitch: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-15 LibreOffice: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-14 GRUB: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-13 Apptainer: Privilege Escalation
202311-12 MiniDLNA: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-11 QtWebEngine: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-10 RenderDoc: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-09 Go: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-08 GNU Libmicrohttpd: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
202311-07 AIDE: Root Privilege Escalation
202311-06 multipath-tools: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-05 LinuxCIFS utils: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-04 Zeppelin: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-03 SQLite: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202311-02 Netatalk: Multiple Vulnerabilities including root remote code execution
202311-01 GitPython: Code Execution via Crafted Input
202310-23 libxslt: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-22 Salt: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-21 ConnMan: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-20 rxvt-unicode: Arbitrary Code Execution
202310-19 Dovecot: Privilege Escalation
202310-18 Rack: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-17 UnZip: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-16 Ubiquiti UniFi: remote code execution via bundled log4j
202310-15 USBView: root privilege escalation via insecure polkit settings
202310-14 libinput: format string vulnerability when using xf86-input-libinput
202310-13 GNU Mailutils: unexpected processsing of escape sequences
202310-12 curl: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-11 less: Denial of service
202310-10 libcue: Arbitrary Code Execution
202310-09 c-ares: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-08 man-db: privilege escalation
202310-07 Oracle VirtualBox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-06 Heimdal: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-05 dav1d: Denial of Service
202310-04 libvpx: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-03 glibc: Multiple vulnerabilities
202310-02 NVIDIA Drivers: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202310-01 ClamAV: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-17 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-16 wpa_supplicant, hostapd: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-15 GNU Binutils: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-14 libarchive: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-13 GMP: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
202309-12 sudo: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-11 libsndfile: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-10 Fish: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202309-09 Pacemaker: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-08 Requests: Information Leak
202309-07 Binwalk: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-06 Samba: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-05 WebP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202309-04 RAR, UnRAR: Arbitrary File Overwrite
202309-03 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-02 Wireshark: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202309-01 Apache HTTPD: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202307-01 OpenSSH: Remote Code Execution
202305-37 Apache Tomcat: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-36 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-35 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-34 CGAL: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-33 OpenImageIO: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-32 WebKitGTK+: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-31 LibTIFF: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-30 X.Org X server, XWayland: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-29 squashfs-tools: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-28 snakeyaml: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-27 Tinyproxy: Memory Disclosure
202305-26 LibreCAD: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-25 OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-24 MediaWiki: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-23 Lua: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-22 ISC DHCP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-21 Cairo: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
202305-20 libapreq2: Buffer Overflow
202305-19 Firejail: Local Privilege Escalation
202305-18 libsdl2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-17 libsdl: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-16 Vim, gVim: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-15 systemd: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-14 uptimed: Root Privilege Escalation
202305-13 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-12 sudo: Root Privilege Escalation
202305-11 Tor: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-10 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-09 syslog-ng: Denial of Service
202305-08 D-Bus: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-07 slixmpp: Insufficient Certificate Validation
202305-06 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-05 xfce4-settings: Browser Argument Injection
202305-04 dbus-broker: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-03 ProFTPd: Memory Disclosure
202305-02 Python, PyPy3: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202305-01 AtomicParsley: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202301-09 protobuf-java: Denial of Service
202301-08 Mbed TLS: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202301-07 Alpine: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202301-06 liblouis: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202301-05 Apache Commons Text: Arbitrary Code Execution
202301-04 jupyter_core: Arbitrary Code Execution
202301-03 scikit-learn: Denial of Service
202301-02 Twisted: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202301-01 NTFS-3G: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202212-07 libksba: Remote Code Execution
202212-06 OpenSSH: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202212-05 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Multiple Vulnerabilities
202212-04 LibreOffice: Arbitrary Code Execution
202212-03 Oracle VirtualBox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202212-02 Unbound: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202212-01 curl: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-11 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-10 Pillow: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-09 xterm: Arbitrary Code Execution
202211-08 sudo: Heap-Based Buffer Overread
202211-07 sysstat: Arbitrary Code Execution
202211-06 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-05 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-04 PostgreSQL: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-03 PHP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202211-02 lesspipe: Arbitrary Code Exeecution
202211-01 OpenSSL: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-42 zlib: Multiple vulnerabilities
202210-41 android-tools: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-40 SQLite: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-39 libxml2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-38 Expat: Denial of Service
202210-37 PJSIP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-36 libjxl: Denial of Service
202210-35 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-34 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-33 Libtirpc: Denial of Service
202210-32 hiredis, hiredis-py: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-31 OpenEXR: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-30 X.Org X server, XWayland: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-29 Net-SNMP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-28 exif: Denial of Service
202210-27 open-vm-tools: Local Privilege Escalation
202210-26 Shadow: TOCTOU Race
202210-25 ISC BIND: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-24 FreeRDP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-23 libksba: Remote Code Execution
202210-22 RPM: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-21 FasterXML jackson-databind: Multiple vulnerabilities
202210-20 Nicotine+: Denial of Service
202210-19 Apptainer: Lack of Digital Signature Hash Verification
202210-18 Sofia-SIP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-17 JHead: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-16 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-15 GDAL: Heap Buffer Overflow
202210-14 Gitea: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-13 libgcrypt: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-12 Lighttpd: Denial of Service
202210-11 schroot: Denial of Service
202210-10 LibTIFF: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-09 Rust: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-08 Tcpreplay: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-07 Deluge: Cross-Site Scripting
202210-06 libvirt: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-05 virglrenderer: Multiple vulnerabilities
202210-04 Wireshark: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-03 libxml2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-02 OpenSSL: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202210-01 Open Asset Import Library ("assimp"): Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-27 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-26 Go: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-25 Zutty: Arbitrary Code Execution
202209-24 Expat: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-23 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-22 Kitty: Arbitrary Code Execution
202209-21 Poppler: Arbitrary Code Execution
202209-20 PHP: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-19 GraphicsMagick: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-18 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-17 Redis: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-16 BlueZ: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-15 Oracle JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
202209-14 Fetchmail: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-13 libaacplus: Denial of Service
202209-12 GRUB: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-11 HarfBuzz: Multiple vulnerabilities
202209-10 Logcheck: Root privilege escalation
202209-09 Smarty: Multiple vulnerabilities
202209-08 Smokeping: Multiple vulnerabilities
202209-07 Mrxvt: Arbitrary Code Execution
202209-06 Rizin: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-05 OpenJDK: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-04 OpenJPEG: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-03 OpenSC: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-02 IBM Spectrum Protect: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202209-01 GNU Gzip, XZ Utils: Arbitrary file write
202208-39 WebKitGTK+: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-38 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-37 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-36 Oracle VirtualBox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-35 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-34 Apache Tomcat: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-33 Gnome Shell, gettext, libcroco: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-32 Vim, gVim: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-31 GStreamer, GStreamer Plugins: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-30 GNU Binutils: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-29 Nokogiri: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-28 Puma: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-27 QEMU: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-26 libarchive: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-25 Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, QtWebEngine: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-24 GNU C Library: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-23 Xen: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-22 xterm: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-21 libebml: Heap buffer overflow vulnerability
202208-20 Apache HTTPD: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-19 aiohttp: Open redirect vulnerability
202208-18 Motion: Denial of service
202208-17 Nextcloud: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-16 faac: Denial of service
202208-15 isync: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-14 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-13 libass: Denial of service
202208-12 mdbtools: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-11 Yubico pam-u2f: Local PIN Bypass vulnerability
202208-10 Spice Server: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-09 HashiCorp Consul: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-08 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-07 LibRaw: Stack buffer overread
202208-06 lxml: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-05 Icinga Web 2: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-04 libmcpp: Denial of service
202208-03 Babel: Remote code execution
202208-02 Go: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202208-01 3MF Consortium lib3mf: Remote code execution
202207-01 HashiCorp Vault: Multiple Vulnerabilities
202202-03 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202202-02 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202202-01 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202201-02 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202201-01 Polkit: Local privilege escalation
202107-55 SDL 2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-54 libyang: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-53 Leptonica: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-52 Apache Velocity: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-51 IcedTeaWeb: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-50 Singularity: Remote code execution
202107-49 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-48 systemd: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-47 libpano13: Format string vulnerability
202107-46 mpv: Format string vulnerability
202107-45 PyCharm Community, Professional: Remote code execution
202107-44 libslirp: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-43 RPM: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-42 PJSIP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-41 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-40 MediaWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-39 Apache Commons FileUpload: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-38 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-37 Apache Commons Collections: Remote code execution
202107-36 urllib3: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-35 OpenSCAD: Buffer overflow
202107-34 FluidSynth: Remote code execution
202107-33 Pillow: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-32 Apache Thrift: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-31 polkit: Privilege escalation
202107-30 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-29 ConnMan: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-28 GNU Chess: Buffer overflow
202107-27 OpenEXR: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-26 runC: Container breakout
202107-25 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-24 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-23 Docker: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-22 InspIRCd: Information disclosure
202107-21 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-20 Redis: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-19 Jinja: Denial of service
202107-18 BladeEnc: Buffer overflow
202107-17 Mechanize: Command injection
202107-16 Privoxy: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-15 blktrace: Buffer overflow
202107-14 rclone: Weak random number generation
202107-13 GLib: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-12 Schism Tracker: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-11 OpenDoas: Insufficient environment filtering
202107-10 TCG TPM2 Software Stack: Information disclosure
202107-09 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-08 PostSRSd: Denial of service
202107-07 glibc: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-06 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-05 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-04 Graphviz: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-03 libqb: Insecure temporary file
202107-02 FreeImage: Multiple vulnerabilities
202107-01 corosync: Denial of service
202105-39 Ceph: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-38 nginx: Remote code execution
202105-37 Nextcloud Desktop Client: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202105-36 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-35 OpenSSH: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-34 Bash: Privilege escalation
202105-33 containerd: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-32 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-31 Nettle: Denial of service
202105-30 MuPDF: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-29 Tar: Denial of service
202105-28 MariaDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-27 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-26 SpamAssassin: Arbitrary command execution
202105-25 OpenVPN: Authentication bypass
202105-24 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-23 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-22 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-21 Tcpreplay: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-20 Dnsmasq: DNS cache poisoning
202105-19 Firejail: Privilege escalation
202105-18 LittleCMS: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202105-17 rxvt-unicode: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202105-16 X.Org X11 library: Denial of service
202105-15 Prosŏdy IM: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-14 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-13 Mumble: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202105-12 OpenSMTPD: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-11 GNU Screen: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202105-10 GNOME Autoar: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202105-09 BusyBox: Denial of service
202105-08 ICU: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-07 Telegram: Security bypass
202105-06 Smarty: Multiple vulnerabilities
202105-05 Mutt, NeoMutt: Denial of service
202105-04 Boost: Buffer overflow
202105-03 GPT fdisk: Integer underflow
202105-02 stunnel: Improper certificate validation
202105-01 Exim: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-10 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-09 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-08 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-07 ClamAV: Denial of service
202104-06 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-05 GRUB: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-04 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-03 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202104-02 X.Org X Server: Privilege escalation
202104-01 Git: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202103-04 SQLite: Remote code execution
202103-03 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202103-02 Redis: Remote code execution
202103-01 Salt: Multiple vulnerabilities
202102-02 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202102-01 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-38 NSD: Symbolic link traversal
202101-37 VLC: Buffer overflow
202101-36 ImageMagick: Command injection
202101-35 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-34 Telegram Desktop: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-33 sudo: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-32 Mutt, NeoMutt: Information disclosure
202101-31 Cacti: Remote code execution
202101-30 Qt WebEngine: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-29 OpenJPEG: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-28 ncurses: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-27 FreeRADIUS: Root privilege escalation
202101-26 f2fs-tools: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-25 Mutt: Denial of service
202101-24 cfitsio: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-23 PEAR Archive_Tar: Directory traversal
202101-22 libvirt: Unintended access to /dev/mapper/control
202101-21 Flatpak: Sandbox escape
202101-20 glibc: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-19 OpenJDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-18 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-17 Dnsmasq: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-16 KDE Connect: Denial of service
202101-15 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-14 Mozilla Thunderbird: Remote code execution
202101-13 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-12 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-11 Zabbix: Root privilege escalation
202101-10 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-09 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-08 Pillow: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-07 NodeJS: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-06 Ark: Symlink vulnerability
202101-05 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-04 Mozilla Firefox: Remote code execution
202101-03 ipmitool: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-02 Firejail: Multiple vulnerabilities
202101-01 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-24 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-23 Apache Tomcat: Information disclosure
202012-22 HAProxy: Arbitrary code execution
202012-21 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Denial of service
202012-20 Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-19 PowerDNS Recursor: Denial of service
202012-18 PowerDNS: information disclosure
202012-17 D-Bus: Denial of service
202012-16 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-15 GDK-PixBuf: Denial of service
202012-14 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-13 OpenSSL: Denial of service
202012-12 libass: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202012-11 c-ares: Denial of service
202012-10 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-09 Cherokee: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-08 MariaDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-07 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-06 Linux-PAM: Authentication bypass
202012-05 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-04 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-03 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-02 SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
202012-01 X.Org X Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-19 libexif: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-18 Apache Ant: Insecure temporary file
202011-17 MIT Kerberos 5: Denial of service
202011-16 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-15 libmaxminddb: Denial of service
202011-14 MariaDB: Remote code execution
202011-13 Salt: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-12 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-11 Blueman: Local privilege escalation
202011-10 tmux: Buffer overflow
202011-09 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-08 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-07 Mozilla Firefox: Remote code execution
202011-06 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-05 libssh: Denial of service
202011-04 Fossil: Multiple vulnerabilities
202011-03 KPMCore: Root privilege escalation
202011-02 OpenDMARC: Heap-based buffer overflow
202011-01 BlueZ: Arbitrary code execution
202010-08 Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202010-07 FreeType: Arbitrary code execution
202010-06 Ark: Arbitrary code execution
202010-05 LibRaw: Multiple vulnerabilities
202010-04 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202010-03 libjpeg-turbo: Information disclosure
202010-02 Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202010-01 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-18 Bitcoin: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-17 gpsd: Arbitrary code execution
202009-16 LinuxCIFS: Shell injection
202009-15 libuv: Buffer overflow
202009-14 Xen: Buffer overflow
202009-13 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-12 ZeroMQ: Denial of service
202009-11 ProFTPD: Denial of service
202009-10 PHP: Denial of service
202009-09 Nextcloud Desktop Sync client: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-08 GNOME Shell: Information disclosure
202009-07 Perl DBI: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-06 GNOME File Roller: Directory traversal
202009-05 GStreamer RTSP Server: Denial of service
202009-04 Qt GUI: Buffer overflow
202009-03 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-02 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
202009-01 GnuTLS: Denial of service
202008-24 OpenJDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-23 chrony: Symlink vulnerability
202008-22 targetcli-fb: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-21 Kleopatra: Remote code execution
202008-20 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-19 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-18 X.Org X11 library: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-17 Redis: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-16 Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-15 Docker: Information disclosure
202008-14 Wireshark: Denial of service
202008-13 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-12 Net-SNMP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-11 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-10 Chromium, Google Chrome: Heap buffer overflow
202008-09 Shadow: Privilege escalation
202008-08 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-07 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-06 iproute2: Denial of service
202008-05 gThumb: Arbitrary code execution
202008-04 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
202008-03 Ark: Arbitrary code execution
202008-02 GNU GLOBAL: Arbitrary code execution
202008-01 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-65 libsndfile: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-64 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-63 SNMP Trap Translator: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-62 PyCrypto: Weak key generation
202007-61 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-60 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-59 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-58 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-57 Mutt, Neomutt: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-56 Claws Mail: Improper STARTTLS handling
202007-55 libetpan: Improper STARTTLS handling
202007-54 rsync: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-53 Dropbear: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-52 mujs: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-51 FileZilla: Untrusted search path
202007-50 GLib Networking: Improper certificate validation
202007-49 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Information disclosure
202007-48 OCaml: Arbitrary code execution
202007-47 Okular: Local restricted command execution
202007-46 D-Bus: Denial of service
202007-45 NTFS-3G: Remote code execution, possible privilege escalation
202007-44 FreeXL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-43 TRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-42 LHa: Buffer overflow
202007-41 Roundcube: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-40 Thin: Privilege escalation
202007-39 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-38 QtGui: Arbitrary code execution
202007-37 AWStats: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-36 DjVu: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-35 ReportLab: Arbitrary code execution
202007-34 Apache Ant: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-33 OSSEC: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-32 Sarg: Local privilege escalation
202007-31 Icinga: Root privilege escalation
202007-30 spice: Arbitrary code execution
202007-29 rssh: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-28 re2c: Buffer overflow
202007-27 Haml: Arbitrary code execution
202007-26 SQLite: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-25 arpwatch: Root privilege escalation
202007-24 Twisted: Access restriction bypasses
202007-23 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-22 sysstat: Arbitrary code execution
202007-21 Libreswan: Denial of service
202007-20 fuseiso: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-19 WavPack: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-18 QtNetwork: Denial of service
202007-17 JHead: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-16 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-15 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-14 yaml-cpp: Denial of service
202007-13 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-12 NTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-11 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-10 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-09 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-08 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-07 Transmission: Remote code execution
202007-06 HylaFAX: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-05 libexif: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-04 fwupd, libjcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-03 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-02 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
202007-01 netqmail: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-23 Cyrus IMAP Server: Access restriction bypass
202006-22 OpenJDK, IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-21 Apache Tomcat: Remote code execution
202006-20 Asterisk: Root privilege escalation
202006-19 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-18 Bubblewrap: Arbitrary code execution
202006-17 FAAD2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-16 PCRE2: Denial of service
202006-15 OpenConnect: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-14 PEAR Archive_Tar: Remote code execution vulnerability
202006-13 json-c: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-12 GNU Mailutils: Privilege escalation
202006-11 Ansible: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-10 GNU Readline: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-09 Adobe Flash Player: Arbitrary code execution
202006-08 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-07 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-06 ssvnc: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-05 Nokogiri: Command injection
202006-04 glibc: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-03 Perl: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-02 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202006-01 GnuTLS: Information disclosure
202005-13 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-12 OpenSLP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-11 VLC: Buffer overflow
202005-10 libmicrodns: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-09 Python: Denial of service
202005-08 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-07 FreeRDP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-06 LIVE555 Media Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-05 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-04 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-03 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-02 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
202005-01 Long Range ZIP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-17 Django: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-16 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-15 libu2f-host: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-14 FontForge: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-13 Git: Information disclosure
202004-12 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-11 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-10 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-09 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-08 libssh: Denial of service
202004-07 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-06 GnuTLS: DTLS protocol regression
202004-05 ledger: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-04 Qt WebEngine: Arbitrary code execution
202004-03 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-02 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202004-01 HAProxy: Remote execution of arbitrary code
202003-66 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-65 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-64 libxls: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-63 GNU IDN Library 2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-62 GNU Screen: Buffer overflow
202003-61 Adobe Flash Player: Remote execution of arbitrary code
202003-60 QtCore: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-59 libvpx: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202003-58 UnZip: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202003-57 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-56 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-55 Zsh: Privilege escalation
202003-54 Pure-FTPd: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-53 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-52 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-51 WeeChat: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-50 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-49 BlueZ: Security bypass
202003-48 Node.js: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-47 Exim: Heap-based buffer overflow
202003-46 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-45 PyYAML: Arbitrary code execution
202003-44 Binary diff: Heap-based buffer overflow
202003-43 Apache Tomcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-42 libgit2: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-41 GNU FriBidi: Heap-based buffer overflow
202003-40 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-39 phpMyAdmin: SQL injection
202003-38 PECL Imagick: Arbitrary code execution
202003-37 Mozilla Network Security Service: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-36 libvorbis: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-35 ProFTPd: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-34 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-33 GStreamer Base Plugins: Heap-based buffer overflow
202003-32 Libgcrypt: Side-channel attack
202003-31 gdb: Buffer overflow
202003-30 Git: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-29 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-28 libarchive: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-27 libssh: Arbitrary command execution
202003-26 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-25 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-24 file: Heap-based buffer overflow
202003-23 libjpeg-turbo: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
202003-22 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-21 runC: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-20 systemd: Heap use-after-free
202003-19 PPP: Buffer overflow
202003-18 libvirt: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-17 nfdump: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-16 SQLite: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-15 ICU: Integer overflow
202003-14 atftp: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-13 musl: x87 floating-point stack adjustment imbalance
202003-12 sudo: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-11 SVG Salamander: Server-Side Request Forgery
202003-10 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-09 OpenID library for Ruby: Server-Side Request Forgery
202003-08 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-07 RabbitMQ C client: Arbitrary code execution
202003-06 Ruby: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-05 e2fsprogs: Arbitrary code execution
202003-04 Vim, gVim: Remote execution of arbitrary code
202003-03 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-02 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
202003-01 Groovy: Arbitrary code execution
201911-08 Expat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201911-07 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201911-06 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201911-05 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201911-04 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201911-03 Oniguruma: Multiple vulnerabilities
201911-02 pump: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201911-01 OpenSSH: Integer overflow
201910-01 PHP: Arbitrary code execution
201909-08 D-Bus: Authentication bypass
201909-07 Simple DirectMedia Layer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201909-06 Exim: Multiple vulnerabilities
201909-05 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201909-04 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
201909-03 Pango: Buffer overflow
201909-02 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201909-01 Perl: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-29 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-28 GNOME desktop library: Security bypass
201908-27 Nautilus: Security bypass
201908-26 libofx: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-25 hostapd and wpa_supplicant: Denial of service
201908-24 MariaDB, MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-23 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-22 Patch: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-21 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-20 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-19 GNU Wget: Arbitrary code execution
201908-18 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-17 ZeroMQ: Arbitrary code execution
201908-16 ProFTPD: Remote code execution
201908-15 ZNC: Privilege escalation
201908-14 polkit: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-13 LibreOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-12 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-11 libarchive: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-10 Oracle JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-09 SQLite: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-08 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-07 KDE KConfig: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201908-06 glibc: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-05 LibVNCServer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-04 Redis: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-03 JasPer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-02 libpng: Multiple vulnerabilities
201908-01 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201906-01 Exim: Remote command execution
201904-25 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-24 Ming: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-23 GLib: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-22 OpenDKIM: Root privilege escalation
201904-21 SQLite: Remote code execution
201904-20 Apache: Privilege escalation
201904-19 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-18 libseccomp: Privilege escalation
201904-17 Patch: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-16 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-15 libTIFF: Denial of service
201904-14 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-13 Git: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-12 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-11 Portage: Man-in-the-middle
201904-10 Mailman: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-09 Xen: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201904-08 Subversion: Denial of service
201904-07 Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-06 GlusterFS: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201904-05 BURP: Root privilege escalation
201904-04 Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-03 Unbound: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-02 Libical: Multiple vulnerabilities
201904-01 Cairo: Denial of service
201903-23 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-22 ZeroMQ: Code execution
201903-21 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-20 cabextract, libmspack: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-19 NASM: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-18 GD: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-17 SDL2_Image: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-16 OpenSSH: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-15 NTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-14 Oracle JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-13 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-12 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-11 XRootD: Remote code execution
201903-10 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-09 GNU C Library: Arbitrary descriptor allocation
201903-08 GNU Wget: Password and metadata leak
201903-07 systemd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-06 rdesktop: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-05 Tar: Denial of service
201903-04 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-03 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201903-02 Zsh: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201903-01 Keepalived: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-11 Rust: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-10 GKSu: Arbitrary command execution
201812-09 Go: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-08 Scala: Privilege escalation
201812-07 SpamAssassin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-06 CouchDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-05 EDE: Privilege escalation
201812-04 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-03 Nagios: Privilege escalation
201812-02 ConnMan: Multiple vulnerabilities
201812-01 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-24 PostgreSQL: SQL injection
201811-23 libsndfile: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-22 RPM: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-21 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-20 spice-gtk: Remote code execution
201811-19 Libav: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-18 Tablib: Arbitrary command execution
201811-17 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-16 strongSwan: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-15 MuPDF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-14 Exiv2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-13 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-12 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-11 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-10 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-09 Icecast: Arbitrary code execution
201811-08 Okular: Directory traversal
201811-07 Pango: Denial of service
201811-06 libde265: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-05 PHProjekt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-04 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201811-03 OpenSSL: Denial of service
201811-02 Python: Buffer overflow
201811-01 X.Org X11 library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-10 systemd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-09 X.Org X Server: Privilege escalation
201810-08 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-07 Mutt, NeoMutt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-06 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-05 xkbcommon: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-04 ImageMagick: Security hardening
201810-03 OpenSSH: User enumeration vulnerability
201810-02 SoX: Multiple vulnerabilities
201810-01 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201808-04 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201808-03 NetworkManager VPNC plugin: Privilege escalation
201808-02 LinuX Containers user space utilities: Arbitrary file read
201808-01 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201807-04 cURL: Heap-based buffer overflow
201807-03 ZNC: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201807-02 Passenger: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201807-01 tqdm: Arbitrary code execution
201806-09 PNP4Nagios: Root privilege escalation
201806-08 file: Denial of service
201806-07 Transmission: Remote code execution
201806-06 Chromium, Google Chrome: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201806-05 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201806-04 Quassel: Multiple vulnerabilities
201806-03 BURP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201806-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201806-01 GNU Wget: Cookie injection
201805-15 beep: Local privilege escalation
201805-14 procps: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-13 Git: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-12 NTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-11 Rootkit Hunter: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201805-10 Zsh: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-09 Shadow: security bypass
201805-08 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-07 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-06 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-05 mpv: Remote code execution
201805-04 rsync: Arbitrary command execution
201805-03 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201805-02 Python: Buffer overflow
201805-01 hesiod: Root privilege escalation
201804-22 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-21 librelp: Remote code execution
201804-20 unADF: Remote code execution
201804-19 mbed TLS: Multiple vulnerabilites
201804-18 tenshi: Privilege escalation
201804-17 Quagga: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-16 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-15 Evince: Command injection
201804-14 GDK-PixBuf: Remote code execution
201804-13 ncurses: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-12 Go: Arbitrary code execution
201804-11 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-10 Zend Framework: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-09 SPICE VDAgent: Arbitrary command injection
201804-08 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-07 libvirt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-06 mailx: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-05 ISC DHCP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-04 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-03 Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-02 glibc: Multiple vulnerabilities
201804-01 libxslt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-14 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-13 PLIB: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201803-12 BusyBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-11 WebKitGTK+: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201803-10 collectd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-09 KDE Plasma Workspaces: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-08 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-07 JabberD 2.x: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-06 Oracle JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-05 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201803-04 Newsbeuter: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201803-03 Go: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201803-02 util-linux: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201803-01 Exim: Multiple vulnerabilities
201802-06 LibreOffice: Information disclosure
201802-05 Ruby: Command injection
201802-04 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201802-03 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201802-02 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201802-01 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-20 Fossil: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201801-19 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-18 Newsbeuter: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201801-17 Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-16 rsync: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-15 PolarSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-14 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-13 TigerVNC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-12 icoutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-11 PySAML2: Security bypass
201801-10 LibXfont, LibXfont2: Arbitrary file access
201801-09 WebkitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-08 MiniUPnPc: Arbitrary code execution
201801-07 GNU Emacs: Command injection
201801-06 Back In Time: Command injection
201801-05 OpenSSH: Permission issue
201801-04 LibXcursor: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201801-03 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-02 OptiPNG: Multiple vulnerabilities
201801-01 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201712-04 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201712-03 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201712-02 OpenCV: Multiple vulnerabilities
201712-01 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-16 CouchDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-15 PHPUnit: Remote code execution
201711-14 IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-13 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-12 eGroupWare: Remote code execution
201711-11 VDE: Privilege escalation
201711-10 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-09 LXC: Remote security bypass
201711-08 LibXfont, LibXfont2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-07 ImageMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-06 GNU Wget: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-05 X.Org Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-04 MariaDB, MySQL: Root privilege escalation
201711-03 hostapd and wpa_supplicant: Key Reinstallation (KRACK) attacks
201711-02 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201711-01 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-32 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-31 Oracle JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-30 X.Org Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-29 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-28 Jython: Arbitrary code execution
201710-27 Dnsmasq: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-26 OpenJPEG: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-25 PCRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-24 Chromium, Google Chrome: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-23 Go: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-22 Adobe Flash Player: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201710-21 Kodi: Arbitrary code execution
201710-20 Nagios: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-19 libarchive: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-18 Ruby: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-17 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-16 Shadow: Buffer overflow
201710-15 GnuTLS: Denial of service
201710-14 WebKitGTK+: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201710-13 Graphite: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-12 Puppet Agent: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-11 GNU Libtasn1: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-10 elfutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-09 PCRE2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-08 Pacemaker: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-07 OCaml: Privilege escalation
201710-06 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-05 Munin: Arbitrary file write
201710-04 sudo: Privilege escalation
201710-03 ICU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201710-02 file: Stack-based buffer overflow
201710-01 RubyGems: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-27 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-26 libsoup: Arbitrary remote code execution
201709-25 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-24 RAR, UnRAR: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-23 Tcpdump: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-22 Oracle JDK/JRE, IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-21 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-20 Postfix: Privilege escalation
201709-19 Exim: Local privilege escalation
201709-18 Mercurial: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-17 CVS: Command injection
201709-16 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-15 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-14 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-13 SquirrelMail: Remote Code Execution
201709-12 Perl: Race condition vulnerability
201709-11 GIMPS: Root privilege escalation
201709-10 Git: Command injection
201709-09 Subversion: Arbitrary code execution
201709-08 GDK-PixBuf: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-07 Kpathsea: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201709-06 Supervisor: command injection vulnerability
201709-05 chkrootkit: Local privilege escalation
201709-04 mod_gnutls: Certificate validation error
201709-03 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-02 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201709-01 MCollective: Remote Code Execution
201708-10 jbig2dec: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201708-09 AutoTrace: Multiple vulnerabilities
201708-08 bzip2: Denial of service
201708-07 evilvte: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201708-06 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
201708-05 RAR and UnRAR: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201708-04 Ked Password Manager: Information leak
201708-02 TNEF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201708-01 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-15 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201707-14 Gajim: Information disclosure
201707-13 libcroco: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-12 MAN DB: Privilege escalation
201707-11 RoundCube: Security bypass
201707-10 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-09 GNOME applet for NetworkManager: Arbitrary file read/write
201707-08 feh: Arbitrary remote code execution
201707-07 JasPer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-06 virglrenderer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-05 OpenSLP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-04 libsndfile: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-03 phpMyAdmin: Security bypass
201707-02 Game Music Emu: Multiple vulnerabilities
201707-01 IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-29 KAuth and KDELibs: Privilege escalation
201706-28 LibreOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-27 FreeRADIUS: Security bypass
201706-26 Vim, gVim: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201706-25 Graphite: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201706-24 jbig2dec: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-23 Urban Terror: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-22 libksba: Denial of Service and information disclosure
201706-21 nettle: Information disclosure
201706-20 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-19 GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-18 mbed TLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-17 Kodi: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-16 GNU Wget: Header injection
201706-15 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-14 FreeType: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-13 minicom: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201706-12 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-11 PCRE library: Denial of service
201706-10 Pidgin: Arbitrary code execution
201706-09 FileZilla: Buffer overflow
201706-08 MuPDF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-07 Libtirpc and RPCBind: Denial of Service
201706-06 ImageWorsener: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-05 D-Bus: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-04 Git: Security bypass
201706-03 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-02 Shadow: Multiple vulnerabilities
201706-01 MUNGE: Privilege escalation
201705-15 sudo: Privilege escalation
201705-14 Smb4K: Arbitrary command execution as root
201705-13 Teeworlds: Remote execution of arbitrary code on client
201705-12 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-11 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-10 GStreamer plug-ins: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201705-09 Apache Tomcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-08 libav: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-07 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-06 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-05 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-04 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-03 Oracle JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-02 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201705-01 libevent: Multiple vulnerabilities
201704-04 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201704-03 X.Org: Multiple vulnerabilities
201704-02 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201704-01 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201703-07 Xen: Privilege Escalation
201703-06 Deluge: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201703-05 GNU Libtasn1: Denial of service
201703-04 cURL: Certificate validation error
201703-03 PuTTY: Buffer overflow
201703-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201703-01 OpenOffice: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201702-32 Ruby Archive::Tar::Minitar: Directory traversal
201702-31 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-30 tcpdump: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-29 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-28 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-27 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-26 Nagios: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-25 libass: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-24 LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-23 Dropbear: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-22 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-21 Opus: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201702-20 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-19 TigerVNC: Buffer overflow
201702-18 MariaDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-17 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-16 Redis: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-15 OCaml: Buffer overflow and information disclosure
201702-14 PyCrypto: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201702-13 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-12 MuPDF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-11 GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-10 NTFS-3G: Privilege escalation
201702-09 ImageMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-08 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-07 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-06 Graphviz: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-05 Lsyncd: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201702-04 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-03 Firejail: Privilege escalation
201702-02 RTMPDump: Multiple vulnerabilities
201702-01 PCSC-Lite: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-77 Ansible: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201701-76 HarfBuzz: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-75 Perl: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-74 libpng: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201701-73 SQUASHFS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-72 libXpm: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201701-71 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-70 Firewalld: Improper authentication methods
201701-69 Ark: Unintended execution of scripts and executable files
201701-68 FreeImage: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-67 a2ps: Arbitrary code execution
201701-66 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-65 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-64 X.Org X Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-63 Graphite: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-62 Firejail: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-61 WebP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-60 LibRaw: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-59 ADOdb: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-58 ICU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-57 T1Lib: : Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-56 zlib: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-55 DirectFB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-54 DCRaw: Buffer overflow
201701-53 Lua: Buffer overflow
201701-52 libupnp: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-51 DBD::mysql: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-50 PPP: Buffer overflow
201701-49 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-48 Quagga: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-47 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-46 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-45 irssi: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-44 CVS: Heap-based overflow
201701-43 IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-42 file: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-41 MiniUPnPc: Buffer overflow
201701-40 xdelta: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201701-39 VLC: Buffer overflow
201701-38 Pidgin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-37 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-36 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-35 Mozilla SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-34 runC: Privilege escalation
201701-33 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-32 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-31 flex: Potential insecure code generation
201701-30 vzctl: Security bypass
201701-29 Vim, gVim: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201701-28 c-ares: Heap-based buffer overflow
201701-27 7-Zip: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-26 BIND: Denial of service
201701-25 phpBB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-24 PgBouncer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-23 Botan: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-22 NGINX: Privilege escalation
201701-21 Expat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-20 D-Bus: Format string vulnerability
201701-19 NTFS-3G: Privilege escalation
201701-18 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-17 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-16 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-15 Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-14 LZO: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-13 HDF5: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-12 memcached: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-11 musl: Integer overflow
201701-10 libotr, Pidgin OTR: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201701-09 Xdg-Utils: Command injection
201701-08 w3m: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-07 Open vSwitch: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201701-06 e2fsprogs: Heap-based buffer overflow
201701-05 BusyBox: Denial of service
201701-04 Mutt: Heap-based buffer overflow
201701-03 libarchive: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-02 Bash: Multiple vulnerabilities
201701-01 MariaDB and MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-56 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-55 libjpeg-turbo: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201612-54 Chicken: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-53 CyaSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-52 Pillow: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-51 Icinga: Privilege escalation
201612-50 Openfire: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-49 mod_wsgi: Privilege escalation
201612-48 Firejail: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-47 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-46 Xerces-C++: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-45 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-44 Roundcube: Arbitrary code execution
201612-43 Node.js: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-42 Zabbix: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-41 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-40 SQUASHFS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-39 Bash: Arbitrary code execution
201612-38 Botan: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-37 Pixman: Buffer overflow
201612-36 TigerVNC: Integer overflow
201612-35 XStream: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201612-34 systemd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-33 GPL Ghostscript: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201612-32 elfutils: Heap-based buffer overflow
201612-31 exFAT: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-30 SoX: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201612-29 libmms: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201612-28 Docker: Privilege escalation
201612-27 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-26 OpenJPEG: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-25 CrackLib: Buffer overflow
201612-24 Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-23 socat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-22 Coreutils: Arbitrary code execution
201612-21 SQLite: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-20 jq: Buffer overflow
201612-19 Mercurial: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-18 OpenSSH: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-17 PECL HTTP: Remote execution of arbitrary code
201612-16 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-15 ARJ: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-14 util-linux: Arbitrary code execution
201612-13 nghttp2: Denial of service
201612-12 Patch: Denial of service
201612-11 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-10 libvirt: Directory traversal
201612-09 GD: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-08 LinuxCIFS utils: Buffer overflow
201612-07 dpkg: Arbitrary code execution
201612-06 nghttp2: Heap-use-after-free
201612-05 Pygments: Arbitrary code execution
201612-04 BusyBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-03 libsndfile: Multiple vulnerabilities
201612-02 DavFS2: Local privilege escalation
201612-01 GnuPG: RNG output is predictable
201611-22 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-21 ImageMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-20 TestDisk: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201611-19 Tar: Extract pathname bypass
201611-18 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-17 RPCBind: Denial of service
201611-16 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-15 Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-14 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-13 MongoDB: Denial of service
201611-12 imlib2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-11 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-10 libuv: Privilege escalation
201611-09 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-08 libpng: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-07 polkit: Heap-corruption on duplicate IDs
201611-06 xinetd: Privilege escalation
201611-05 tnftp: Arbitrary code execution
201611-04 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-03 LibreOffice, OpenOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-02 OpenVPN: Multiple vulnerabilities
201611-01 UnZip: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-11 GNU Wget: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-10 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-09 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-08 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-07 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-06 MySQL and MariaDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-05 Subversion, Serf: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201610-04 libgcrypt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-03 Quagga: Arbitrary code execution
201610-02 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
201610-01 Groovy: Arbitrary code execution
201609-02 Bundler: Insecure installation
201609-01 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201608-01 OptiPNG: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-17 BeanShell: Arbitrary code execution
201607-16 arpwatch: Privilege escalation
201607-15 NTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-14 Ansible: Privilege escalation
201607-13 libbsd: Arbitrary code execution
201607-12 Exim: Arbitrary code execution
201607-11 Bugzilla: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-10 Varnish: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-09 Commons-BeanUtils: Arbitrary code execution
201607-08 Dropbear: Privilege escalation
201607-07 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-06 CUPS: Buffer overflow
201607-05 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-04 GD: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-03 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201607-02 libpcre: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201607-01 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-19 kwalletd: Information disclosure
201606-18 IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-17 hostapd and wpa_supplicant: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-16 PLIB: Buffer overflow vulnerability
201606-15 FreeXL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-14 ImageMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-13 sudo: Unauthorized privilege escalation in sudoedit
201606-12 libssh and libssh2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-11 claws-mail: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201606-10 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-09 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-08 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-07 dhcpcd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-06 nginx: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-05 spice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-04 GnuPG: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-03 libjpeg-turbo: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-02 Puppet Server and Agent: Multiple vulnerabilities
201606-01 PuTTY: Multiple vulnerabilities
201605-06 Mozilla Products: Multiple vulnerabilities
201605-05 Linux-PAM: Multiple vulnerabilities
201605-04 rsync: Multiple vulnerabilities
201605-03 libfpx: Denial of service
201605-02 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201605-01 Git: Multiple vulnerabilities
201604-05 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201604-04 libksba: Multiple vulnerabilities
201604-03 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201604-02 Xalan-Java: Arbitrary code execution
201604-01 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-15 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-14 IcedTea: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-13 Libreswan: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201603-12 FlightGear, SimGear: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-11 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-10 QtGui: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-09 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-08 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-07 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-06 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-05 LibreOffice, OpenOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201603-04 FUSE: incorrect filtering of environment variables leading to privilege escalation
201603-03 Roundcube: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201603-02 OSC: Shell command injection
201603-01 GIMP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201602-03 libwmf: Multiple vulnerabilities
201602-02 GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201602-01 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201601-05 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201601-04 OpenSMTPD: Multiple vulnerabilities
201601-03 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201601-02 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities
201601-01 OpenSSH: Multiple vulnerabilities
201512-13 InspIRCd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201512-12 KDE Systemsettings: Privilege escalation
201512-11 Firebird: Buffer Overflow
201512-10 Mozilla Products: Multiple vulnerabilities
201512-09 encfs: Multiple vulnerabilities
201512-08 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
201512-07 GStreamer: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201512-06 MPFR: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201512-05 gdk-pixbuf: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201512-04 OpenSSH: Multiple vulnerabilities
201512-03 GRUB: Authentication bypass
201512-02 IPython: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201512-01 Dnsmasq: Denial of service
201511-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201511-01 MirBSD Korn Shell: Arbitrary code execution
201510-08 cups-filters: Multiple vulnerabilities
201510-07 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201510-06 Django: Multiple vulnerabilities
201510-05 MediaWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
201510-04 tcpdump: Multiple vulnerabilities
201510-03 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201510-02 QEMU: Arbitrary code execution
201510-01 BIND: Denial of service
201509-07 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201509-06 Git: Arbitrary command execution
201509-05 NetworkManager: Denial of service
201509-04 libtasn1: Multiple vulnerabilities
201509-03 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
201509-02 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201509-01 NTP: Multiple vulnerablities
201508-03 Icecast: Denial of service
201508-02 libgadu: Multiple vulnerabilities
201508-01 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-22 e2fsprogs: Arbitrary code execution
201507-21 libXfont: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-20 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-19 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-18 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-17 SNMP: Denial of service
201507-16 Portage: Man-in-the-middle attack
201507-15 OpenSSL: Alternate chains certificate forgery
201507-14 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-13 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-12 libCapsiNetwork: Denial of service
201507-11 Perl: Denial of service
201507-10 t1utils: Arbitrary code execution
201507-09 PyPAM: Arbitrary code execution
201507-08 libxml2: Denial of service
201507-07 LibVNCServer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-06 UnRTF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-05 SQLite: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-04 International Components for Unicode: Multiple vulnerabilities
201507-03 Exiv2: Denial of service
201507-02 Tor: Denial of service
201507-01 chrony: Multiple vulnerabilities
201506-04 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201506-03 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201506-02 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201506-01 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201505-03 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201505-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201505-01 Ettercap: Multiple vulnerabilities
201504-07 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201504-06 X.Org X Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201504-05 MySQL and MariaDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201504-04 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201504-03 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
201504-02 sudo: Information disclosure
201504-01 Mozilla Products: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-13 BusyBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-12 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-11 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-10 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-09 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-08 file: Denial of service
201503-07 hivex: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201503-06 ICU: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201503-05 FreeType: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-04 GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-03 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201503-02 D-Bus: Denial of service
201503-01 JasPer: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201502-15 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-14 grep: Denial of service
201502-13 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-12 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-11 GNU cpio: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-10 libpng: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201502-09 Antiword: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201502-08 Libav: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-07 libevent: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201502-06 nginx: Information disclosure
201502-05 tcpdump: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-04 MediaWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-03 BIND: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201502-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201502-01 mpg123: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201412-53 MIT Kerberos 5: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201412-52 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-51 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-50 getmail: Information disclosure
201412-49 fish: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-48 file: Denial of service
201412-47 TORQUE Resource Manager: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-46 LittleCMS: Denial of service
201412-45 Facter: Privilege escalation
201412-44 policycoreutils: Privilege escalation
201412-43 MuPDF: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201412-42 Xen: Denial of service
201412-41 OpenVPN: Denial of service
201412-40 FLAC: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201412-39 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-38 Icecast: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201412-37 QEMU: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201412-36 libvirt: Denial of service
201412-35 RSYSLOG: Denial of service
201412-34 NTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-33 PowerDNS Recursor: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-32 sendmail: Information disclosure
201412-31 ZNC: Denial of service
201412-30 Varnish: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-29 Apache Tomcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-28 Ruby on Rails: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-27 Ruby: Denial of service
201412-26 strongSwan: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201412-25 QtGui: Denial of service
201412-24 OpenJPEG: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-23 Nagios: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-22 Django: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-21 mod_wsgi: Privilege escalation
201412-20 GNUstep Base library: Denial of service
201412-19 PPP: Information disclosure
201412-18 FreeRDP: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201412-17 GPL Ghostscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-16 CouchDB: Denial of service
201412-15 MCollective: Privilege escalation
201412-14 Xfig: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201412-13 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-12 D-Bus: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201412-11 AMD64 x86 emulation base libraries: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-10 Multiple packages, Multiple vulnerabilities fixed in 2012
201412-09 Multiple packages, Multiple vulnerabilities fixed in 2011
201412-08 Multiple packages, Multiple vulnerabilities fixed in 2010
201412-07 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-06 libxml2: Denial of service
201412-05 Clam AntiVirus: Denial of service
201412-04 libvirt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201412-03 Dovecot: Denial of service
201412-02 nfs-utils: Information disclosure
201412-01 QEMU: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201411-11 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
201411-10 Asterisk: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201411-09 Ansible: Privilege escalation
201411-08 Aircrack-ng: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201411-07 Openswan: Denial of service
201411-06 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201411-05 GNU Wget: Arbitrary code execution
201411-04 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201411-03 TigerVNC: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201411-02 MySQL, MariaDB: Multiple vulnerabilities
201411-01 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201410-02 Perl, Perl Locale-Maketext module: Multiple vulnerabilities
201410-01 Bash: Multiple vulnerabilities
201409-10 Bash: Code Injection (Updated fix for GLSA 201409-09)
201409-09 Bash: Code Injection
201409-08 libxml2: Denial of service
201409-07 c-icap: Denial of service
201409-06 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201409-05 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201409-04 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201409-03 dhcpcd: Denial of service
201409-02 Net-SNMP: Denial of service
201409-01 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-19 OpenOffice, LibreOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-18 NRPE: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201408-17 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-16 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-15 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-14 stunnel: Information disclosure
201408-13 Jinja2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-12 Apache HTTP Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-11 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-10 Libgcrypt: Side-channel attack
201408-09 GNU Libtasn1: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-08 file: Denial of service
201408-07 ModPlug XMMS Plugin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-06 libpng: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-05 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201408-04 Catfish: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201408-03 LibSSH: Information disclosure
201408-02 FreeType: Arbitrary code execution
201408-01 Zend Framework: SQL injection
201407-05 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201407-04 GnuPG: Denial of service
201407-03 Xen: Multiple Vunlerabilities
201407-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201407-01 OpenTTD: Denial of service
201406-36 OpenLDAP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-35 Openfire: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-34 KDE Libraries: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-33 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-32 IcedTea JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-31 Konqueror: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-30 sudo: Privilege escalation
201406-29 spice-gtk: Privilege escalation
201406-28 Libav: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-27 polkit, Spice-Gtk, systemd, HPLIP, libvirt: Privilege escalation
201406-26 Django: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-25 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-24 Dnsmasq: Denial of Service
201406-23 DenyHosts: Denial of service
201406-22 Network Audio System: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-21 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-20 nginx: Arbitrary code execution
201406-19 Mozilla Network Security Service: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-18 rxvt-unicode: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201406-17 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-16 cups-filters: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-15 KDirStat: Arbitrary command execution
201406-14 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-13 memcached: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-12 FreeRADIUS: Arbitrary code execution
201406-11 libXfont: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-10 lighttpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-09 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-08 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-07 Echoping: Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
201406-06 Mumble: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-05 Mutt: Arbitrary code execution
201406-04 SystemTap: Denial of service
201406-03 Fail2ban: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-02 libarchive: Multiple vulnerabilities
201406-01 D-Bus, GLib: Privilege escalation
201405-28 xmonad-contrib: Arbitrary code execution
201405-27 LibYAML: Arbitrary code execution
201405-26 X2Go Server: Privilege Escalation
201405-25 Symfony: Information disclosure
201405-24 Apache Portable Runtime, APR Utility Library: Denial of service
201405-23 lib3ds: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201405-22 Pidgin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-21 Charybdis, ShadowIRCd: Denial of service
201405-20 JBIG-KIT: Denial of service
201405-19 MCrypt: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201405-18 OpenConnect: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201405-17 Munin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-16 Mono: Denial of service
201405-15 util-linux: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-14 Ruby OpenID: Denial of service
201405-13 Pango: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-12 Ettercap: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-11 Bacula: Information disclosure
201405-10 Rack: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-09 ImageMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-08 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-07 X.Org X Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-06 OpenSSH: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-05 Asterisk: Denial of service
201405-04 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-03 WeeChat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201405-02 libSRTP: Denial of service
201405-01 udisks: Arbitrary code execution
201404-07 OpenSSL: Information Disclosure
201404-06 Mesa: Multiple vulnerabilities
201404-05 OpenAFS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201404-04 Crack: Arbitrary code execution
201404-03 OptiPNG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201404-02 libproxy: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201404-01 CUPS: Arbitrary file read/write
201403-08 PlRPC: Arbitrary code execution
201403-07 grep: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201403-06 libupnp: Arbitrary code execution
201403-05 GNU Emacs: Multiple vulnerabilities
201403-04 QtCore: Denial of service
201403-03 file: Denial of service
201403-02 LibYAML: Arbitrary code execution
201403-01 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-29 ArgyllCMS: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201402-28 Chrony: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-27 pidgin-knotify: Arbitrary code execution
201402-26 libssh: Arbitrary code execution
201402-25 OpenSSL: Denial of service
201402-24 GnuPG, Libgcrypt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-23 libXfont: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-22 TCPTrack: Arbitrary code execution
201402-21 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-20 KVIrc: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-19 libtar: Arbitraty code execution
201402-18 GNU Midnight Commander: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201402-17 Xpdf: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201402-16 FreeType: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-15 Roundcube: Arbitrary code execution
201402-14 International Components for Unicode: Denial of service
201402-13 DjVu: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201402-12 PAM S/Key: Information disclosure
201402-11 Links: Denial of service
201402-10 PulseAudio: Insecure temporary file usage
201402-09 Apache mod_fcgid: Arbitrary code execution
201402-08 stunnel: Arbitrary code execution
201402-07 Freeciv: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201402-06 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-05 Banshee: Arbitrary code execution
201402-04 libwww-perl: Multiple vulnerabilities
201402-03 Pixman: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201402-02 NVIDIA Drivers: Privilege Escalation
201402-01 GNU libmicrohttpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-34 BIND: Denial of service
201401-33 Perl Digest-Base module: Arbitrary code execution
201401-32 Exim: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-31 CEDET: Privilege escalation
201401-30 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-29 VIPS: Privilege Escalation
201401-28 Tomboy: Privilege escalation
201401-27 GNU TeXmacs: Privilege escalation
201401-26 Zabbix: Shell command injection
201401-25 ldns: Arbitrary code execution
201401-24 INN: Man-in-the-middle attack
201401-23 sudo: Privilege escalation
201401-22 Active Record: SQL injection
201401-21 Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-20 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-19 GMime: Arbitrary code execution
201401-18 OpenSC: Arbitrary code execution
201401-17 PCSC-Lite: Arbitrary code execution
201401-16 CCID: Arbitrary code execution
201401-15 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-14 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-13 VirtualBox: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201401-12 GNUstep Base library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-11 Perl, Locale Maketext Perl module: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-10 libexif, exif: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-09 Openswan: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201401-08 NTP: Traffic amplification
201401-07 libxslt: Denial of service
201401-06 Git: Privilege escalation
201401-05 ISC DHCP: Denial of service
201401-04 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
201401-03 Nagstamon: Information disclosure
201401-02 Gajim: Information disclosure
201401-01 Libgdiplus: Arbitrary code execution
201312-16 Xfig: Arbitrary code execution
201312-15 Tinyproxy: Denial of service
201312-14 libsndfile: Arbitrary code execution
201312-13 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201312-12 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
201312-11 Win32 Codecs: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201312-10 libsmi: Arbitrary code execution
201312-09 cabextract: Multiple vulnerabilities
201312-08 WebP: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201312-07 OpenEXR: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201312-06 Festival: Arbitrary code execution
201312-05 SWI-Prolog : Multiple vulnerabilities
201312-04 libtheora: Arbitrary code execution
201312-03 OpenSSL: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201312-02 BusyBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201312-01 GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-22 Namazu: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-21 cpio: Arbitrary code execution
201311-20 Okular: Arbitrary code execution
201311-19 rssh: Access restriction bypass
201311-18 Unbound: Denial of service
201311-17 Perl: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-16 fcron: Information disclosure
201311-15 Zabbix: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-14 QtCore, QtGui: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-13 OpenVPN: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-12 Open DC Hub: Arbitrary code execution
201311-11 CTorrent: User-assisted arbitrary code execution
201311-10 GraphicsMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-09 FreeRADIUS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-08 Netpbm: User-assisted arbitrary code execution
201311-07 Blender: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-06 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-05 GIMP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-04 Vixie cron: Denial of service
201311-03 Quassel: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201311-02 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201311-01 Mednafen: Arbitrary code execution
201310-21 MediaWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-20 acpid2: Privilege escalation
201310-19 X2Go Server: Arbitrary code execution
201310-18 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-17 pmake: Insecure temporary file usage
201310-16 TPTEST: Arbitrary code execution
201310-15 GNU Automake: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-14 Groff: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201310-13 MPlayer: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-12 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-11 Perl Parallel-ForkManager Module: Insecure temporary file usage
201310-10 PolarSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-09 Setuptools: Man-in-the-Middle attack
201310-08 Quagga: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-07 OpenJPEG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201310-06 Aircrack-ng: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201310-05 GEGL: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201310-04 nginx: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-03 Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
201310-02 isync: Man-in-the-Middle attack
201310-01 Perl Module-Signature module: Arbitrary code execution
201309-24 Xen: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-23 Mozilla Products: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-22 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-21 klibc: Command Injection
201309-20 Dropbear: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-19 TPP: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201309-18 libvirt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-17 Monkey HTTP Daemon: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-16 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-15 ProFTPD: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-14 MoinMoin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-13 GNU ZRTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-12 Apache HTTP Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-11 Subversion: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-10 Adobe Reader: Arbitrary Code Execution
201309-09 LibRaw, libkdcraw: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-08 FileZilla: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-07 libotr: Arbitrary code execution
201309-06 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-05 pip: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-04 Snack: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201309-03 Xlockmore: Denial of service
201309-02 strongSwan: Multiple vulnerabilities
201309-01 Cyrus-SASL: Denial of service
201308-06 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201308-05 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201308-04 Puppet: Multiple vulnerabilities
201308-03 Adobe Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
201308-02 D-Bus: Denial of service
201308-01 PuTTY: Multiple Vulnerabilities
201307-01 HAProxy: Multiple vulnerabilities
201304-01 NVIDIA Drivers: Privilege escalation
201301-07 DokuWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
201301-06 ISC DHCP: Denial of service
201301-05 bzip2: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201301-04 dhcpcd: Arbitrary code execution
201301-03 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
201301-02 HAProxy: Arbitrary code execution
201301-01 Mozilla Products: Multiple vulnerabilities
201211-01 MantisBT: Multiple vulnerabilities
201210-07 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201210-06 Libav: Multiple vulnerabilities
201210-05 Bash: Multiple vulnerabilities
201210-04 qemu-kvm: Multiple vulnerabilities
201210-03 rdesktop: Directory Traversal
201210-02 MoinMoin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201210-01 w3m: SSL spoofing vulnerability
201209-25 VMware Player, Server, Workstation: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-24 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-23 GIMP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-22 libgssglue: Privilege escalation
201209-21 fastjar: Directory traversal
201209-20 mod_rpaf: Denial of service
201209-19 NUT: Arbitrary code execution
201209-18 Postfixadmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-17 Pidgin: Arbitrary code execution
201209-16 SQLAlchemy: SQL injection
201209-15 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-14 file: Denial of service
201209-13 libjpeg-turbo: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201209-12 Libtasn1: Denial of service
201209-11 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-10 Calligra: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201209-09 Atheme IRC Services: Denial of service
201209-08 SquidClamav: Denial of service
201209-07 International Components for Unicode: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201209-06 Expat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-05 LibreOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-04 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-03 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-02 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
201209-01 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201208-06 libgdata: Man-in-the-Middle attack
201208-05 Perl Config-IniFiles Module: Insecure temporary file usage
201208-04 Gajim: Multiple vulnerabilities
201208-03 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201208-02 Puppet: Multiple vulnerabilities
201208-01 socat: Arbitrary code execution
201207-10 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201207-09 mod_fcgid: Multiple vulnerabilities
201207-08 Gnash: Multiple vulnerabilities
201207-07 Keepalived: Denial of service
201207-06 JRuby: Denial of service
201207-05 pidgin-otr: Arbitrary code execution
201207-04 X.Org X Server: Privilege escalation
201207-03 ChaSen: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201207-02 libxml2: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201207-01 sudo: Privilege escalation
201206-36 logrotate: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-35 nbd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-34 msmtp: X.509 NULL spoofing vulnerability
201206-33 Postfix: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-32 Links: SSL verification vulnerability
201206-31 Linux-PAM: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-30 sendmail: X.509 NULL spoofing vulnerability
201206-29 mount-cifs: Multiple vulnerabilites
201206-28 TeX Live: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-27 mini_httpd: Arbitrary code execution
201206-26 RPM: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-25 Apache HTTP Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-24 Apache Tomcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-23 PyCrypto: Weak key generation
201206-22 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-21 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-20 gdk-pixbuf: Denial of service
201206-19 NVIDIA Drivers: Privilege escalation
201206-18 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-17 virtualenv: Insecure temporary file usage
201206-16 TagLib: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-15 libpng: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-14 Adobe Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-13 Mono: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-12 tftp-hpa: Remote buffer overflow
201206-11 Pidgin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-10 ejabberd: Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities
201206-09 MediaWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-08 Wicd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-07 nginx: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201206-06 OpenJPEG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201206-05 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-04 ArgyllCMS: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201206-03 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
201206-02 QtGui: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201206-01 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
201205-04 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201205-03 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201205-02 ConnMan: Multiple vulnerabilities
201205-01 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201204-08 Perl DBD-Pg Module: Arbitrary code execution
201204-07 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201204-06 PolicyKit: Multiple vulnerabilities
201204-05 SWFTools: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201204-04 FreeType: Multiple vulnerabilities
201204-03 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201204-02 InspIRCd: Arbitrary code execution
201204-01 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-24 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-23 libzip: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-22 nginx: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-21 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-20 Logwatch: Arbitrary code execution
201203-19 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-18 Minitube: Insecure temporary file usage
201203-17 HPLIP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-16 ModPlug: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201203-15 gif2png: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-14 Audacious Plugins: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201203-13 Openswan: Denial of service
201203-12 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-11 usbmuxd: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201203-10 libmikmod: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201203-09 ImageMagick: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201203-08 libxslt: Denial of service
201203-07 foomatic-filters: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201203-06 sudo: Privilege escalation
201203-05 Rack: Denial of service
201203-04 libxml2: Denial of service
201203-03 Puppet: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-02 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201203-01 spamdyke: Arbitrary code execution
201202-09 libxml2: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201202-08 stunnel: Arbitrary code execution
201202-07 libvirt: Multiple vulnerabilities
201202-06 Asterisk: Denial of service
201202-05 Heimdal: Arbitrary code execution
201202-04 PowerDNS: Denial of service
201202-03 MaraDNS: Denial of service
201202-02 Quagga: Multiple vulnerabilities
201202-01 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-19 Adobe Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-18 bip: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-17 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-16 X.Org X Server/X Keyboard Configuration Database: Screen lock bypass
201201-15 ktsuss: Privilege escalation
201201-14 MIT Kerberos 5 Applications: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-13 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-12 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-11 Firewall Builder: Privilege escalation
201201-10 JasPer: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201201-09 FreeType: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-08 FontForge: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201201-07 NX Server Free Edition, NX Node: Privilege escalation
201201-06 iSCSI Enterprise Target: Arbitrary code execution
201201-05 mDNSResponder: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-04 Logsurfer: Arbitrary code execution
201201-03 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-02 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201201-01 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-12 abcm2ps: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-11 GNU Tar: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201111-10 Evince: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-09 Perl Safe module: Arbitrary Perl code injection
201111-08 radvd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-07 TinTin++: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-06 MaraDNS: Arbitrary code execution
201111-05 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-04 phpDocumentor: Function call injection
201111-03 OpenTTD: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-02 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201111-01 Chromium, V8: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-26 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-25 Pure-FTPd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-24 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-23 Apache mod_authnz_external: SQL injection
201110-22 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-21 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-20 Clam AntiVirus: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-19 X.Org X Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-18 rgmanager: Privilege escalation
201110-17 Avahi: Denial of service
201110-16 Cyrus IMAP Server: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-15 GnuPG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201110-14 D-Bus: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-13 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-12 Unbound: Denial of service
201110-11 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-10 Wget: User-assisted file creation or overwrite
201110-09 Conky: Privilege escalation
201110-08 feh: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-07 vsftpd: Denial of service
201110-06 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-05 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-04 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-03 Bugzilla: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-02 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201110-01 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
201101-09 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201101-08 Adobe Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
201101-07 Prewikka: password disclosure
201101-06 IO::Socket::SSL: Certificate validation error
201101-05 OpenAFS: Arbitrary code execution
201101-04 aria2: Directory traversal
201101-03 libvpx: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201101-02 Tor: Remote heap-based buffer overflow
201101-01 gif2png: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201012-01 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
201011-01 GNU C library: Multiple vulnerabilities
201010-01 Libpng: Multiple vulnerabilities
201009-09 fence: Multiple symlink vulnerabilities
201009-08 python-updater: Untrusted search path
201009-07 libxml2: Denial of service
201009-06 Clam AntiVirus: Multiple vulnerabilities
201009-05 Adobe Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
201009-04 SARG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201009-03 sudo: Privilege Escalation
201009-02 Maildrop: privilege escalation
201009-01 wxGTK: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-21 UnrealIRCd: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-20 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-19 Bugzilla: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-18 Oracle JRE/JDK: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-17 lighttpd: Denial of service
201006-16 GD: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-15 XEmacs: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-14 Newt: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-13 Smarty: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-12 Fetchmail: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-11 BIND: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-10 multipath-tools: World-writeable socket
201006-09 sudo: Privilege escalation
201006-08 nano: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-07 SILC: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-06 Transmission: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-05 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
201006-04 xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-03 ImageMagick: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-02 CamlImages: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201006-01 FreeType 1: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
201003-01 sudo: Privilege escalation
201001-09 Ruby: Terminal Control Character Injection
201001-08 SquirrelMail: Multiple vulnerabilities
201001-07 Blender: Untrusted search path
201001-06 aria2: Multiple vulnerabilities
201001-05 net-snmp: Authorization bypass
201001-04 VirtualBox: Multiple vulnerabilities
201001-03 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
201001-02 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
201001-01 NTP: Denial of service
200912-02 Ruby on Rails: Multiple vulnerabilities
200912-01 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200911-06 PEAR Net_Traceroute: Command injection
200911-05 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
200911-04 dstat: Untrusted search path
200911-03 UW IMAP toolkit: Multiple vulnerabilities
200911-02 Sun JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
200911-01 Horde: Multiple vulnerabilities
200910-03 Adobe Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
200910-02 Pidgin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200910-01 Wget: Certificate validation error
200909-20 cURL: Certificate validation error
200909-19 Dnsmasq: Multiple vulnerabilities
200909-18 nginx: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200909-17 ZNC: Directory traversal
200909-16 Wireshark: Denial of service
200909-15 Lynx: Arbitrary command execution
200909-14 Horde: Multiple vulnerabilities
200909-13 irssi: Execution of arbitrary code
200909-12 HTMLDOC: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200909-11 GCC-XML: Insecure temporary file usage
200909-10 LMBench: Insecure temporary file usage
200909-09 Screenie: Insecure temporary file usage
200909-08 C* music player: Insecure temporary file usage
200909-07 TkMan: Insecure temporary file usage
200909-06 aMule: Parameter injection
200909-05 Openswan: Denial of service
200909-04 Clam AntiVirus: Multiple vulnerabilities
200909-03 Apache Portable Runtime, APR Utility Library: Execution of arbitrary code
200909-02 libvorbis: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200909-01 Linux-PAM: Privilege escalation
200908-10 Dillo: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200908-09 DokuWiki: Local file inclusion
200908-08 ISC DHCP: dhcpd Denial of service
200908-07 Perl Compress::Raw modules: Denial of service
200908-06 CDF: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200908-05 Subversion: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200908-04 Adobe products: Multiple vulnerabilities
200908-03 libTIFF: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200908-02 BIND: Denial of service
200908-01 OpenSC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200907-16 Python: Integer overflows
200907-15 Nagios: Execution of arbitrary code
200907-14 Rasterbar libtorrent: Directory traversal
200907-13 PulseAudio: Local privilege escalation
200907-12 ISC DHCP: dhcpclient Remote execution of arbitrary code
200907-11 GStreamer plug-ins: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200907-10 Syslog-ng: Chroot escape
200907-09 Cyrus-SASL: Execution of arbitrary code
200907-08 Multiple Ralink wireless drivers: Execution of arbitrary code
200907-07 ModPlug: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200907-06 Adobe Reader: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200907-05 git: git-daemon Denial of service
200907-04 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
200907-03 APR Utility Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
200907-02 ModSecurity: Denial of service
200907-01 libwmf: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200906-05 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
200906-04 Apache Tomcat JK Connector: Information disclosure
200906-03 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200906-02 Ruby: Denial of service
200906-01 libpng: Information disclosure
200905-09 libsndfile: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200905-08 NTP: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200905-07 Pidgin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200905-06 acpid: Denial of service
200905-05 FreeType: Multiple vulnerabilities
200905-04 GnuTLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200905-03 IPSec Tools: Denial of service
200905-02 Cscope: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200905-01 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
200904-20 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200904-19 LittleCMS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200904-18 udev: Multiple vulnerabilities
200904-17 Adobe Reader: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200904-16 libsndfile: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200904-15 mpg123: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200904-14 F-PROT Antivirus: Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200904-13 Ventrilo: Denial of service
200904-12 Wicd: Information disclosure
200904-11 Tor: Multiple vulnerabilities
200904-10 Avahi: Denial of service
200904-09 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
200904-08 OpenSSL: Denial of service
200904-07 Xpdf: Untrusted search path
200904-06 Eye of GNOME: Untrusted search path
200904-05 ntp: Certificate validation error
200904-04 WeeChat: Denial of service
200904-03 Gnumeric: Untrusted search path
200904-02 GLib: Execution of arbitrary code
200904-01 Openfire: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-41 gedit: Untrusted search path
200903-40 Analog: Denial of service
200903-39 pam_krb5: Privilege escalation
200903-38 Squid: Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200903-37 Ghostscript: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-36 MLDonkey: Information disclosure
200903-35 Muttprint: Insecure temporary file usage
200903-34 Amarok: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-33 FFmpeg: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-32 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-31 libcdaudio: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-30 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-29 BlueZ: Arbitrary code execution
200903-28 libpng: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-27 ProFTPD: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-26 TMSNC: Execution of arbitrary code
200903-25 Courier Authentication Library: SQL Injection vulnerability
200903-24 Shadow: Privilege escalation
200903-23 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-22 Ganglia: Execution of arbitrary code
200903-21 cURL: Arbitrary file access
200903-20 WebSVN: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-19 Xerces-C++: Denial of service
200903-18 Openswan: Insecure temporary file creation
200903-17 Real VNC: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-16 Epiphany: Untrusted search path
200903-15 git: Multiple vulnerabilties
200903-14 BIND: Incorrect signature verification
200903-13 MPFR: Denial of service
200903-12 OptiPNG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-11 PyCrypto: Execution of arbitrary code
200903-10 Irrlicht: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-09 OpenTTD: Execution of arbitrary code
200903-08 gEDA: Insecure temporary file creation
200903-07 Samba: Data disclosure
200903-06 nfs-utils: Access restriction bypass
200903-05 PDFjam: Multiple vulnerabilities
200903-04 DevIL: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-03 Audacity: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200903-02 ZNC: Privilege escalation
200903-01 Vinagre: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200902-06 GNU Emacs, XEmacs: Multiple vulnerabilities
200902-05 KTorrent: Multiple vulnerabilitites
200902-04 xterm: User-assisted arbitrary commands execution
200902-03 Valgrind: Untrusted search path
200902-02 OpenSSL: Certificate validation error
200902-01 sudo: Privilege escalation
200901-15 Net-SNMP: Denial of service
200901-14 Scilab: Insecure temporary file usage
200901-13 Pidgin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200901-12 noip-updater: Execution of arbitrary code
200901-11 Avahi: Denial of service
200901-10 GnuTLS: Certificate validation error
200901-09 Adobe Reader: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200901-08 Online-Bookmarks: Multiple vulnerabilities
200901-07 MPlayer: Multiple vulnerabilities
200901-06 Tremulous: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200901-05 Streamripper: Multiple vulnerabilities
200901-04 D-Bus: Denial of service
200901-03 pdnsd: Denial of Service and cache poisoning
200901-02 JHead: Multiple vulnerabilities
200901-01 NDISwrapper: Arbitrary remote code execution
200812-24 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-23 Imlib2: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200812-22 Ampache: Insecure temporary file usage
200812-21 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-20 phpCollab: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-19 PowerDNS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-18 JasPer: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200812-17 Ruby: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-16 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-15 POV-Ray: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200812-14 aview: Insecure temporary file usage
200812-13 Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-12 Honeyd: Insecure temporary file creation
200812-11 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-10 Archive::Tar: Directory traversal vulnerability
200812-09 OpenSC: Insufficient protection of smart card PIN
200812-08 Mgetty: Insecure temporary file usage
200812-07 Mantis: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-06 libxml2: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-05 libsamplerate: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200812-04 lighttpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
200812-03 IPsec-Tools: racoon Denial of service
200812-02 enscript: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200812-01 OptiPNG: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200811-05 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200811-04 Graphviz: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200811-03 FAAD2: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200811-02 Gallery: Multiple vulnerabilities
200811-01 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200810-03 libspf2: DNS response buffer overflow
200810-02 Portage: Untrusted search path local root vulnerability
200810-01 WordNet: Execution of arbitrary code
200809-18 ClamAV: Multiple Denials of Service
200809-17 Wireshark: Multiple Denials of Service
200809-16 Git: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200809-15 GNU ed: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200809-14 BitlBee: Security bypass
200809-13 R: Insecure temporary file creation
200809-12 Newsbeuter: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200809-11 HAVP: Denial of service
200809-10 Mantis: Multiple vulnerabilities
200809-09 Postfix: Denial of service
200809-08 Amarok: Insecure temporary file creation
200809-07 libTIFF: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200809-06 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200809-05 Courier Authentication Library: SQL injection vulnerability
200809-04 MySQL: Privilege bypass
200809-03 RealPlayer: Buffer overflow
200809-02 dnsmasq: Denial of Service and DNS spoofing
200809-01 yelp: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200808-12 Postfix: Local privilege escalation vulnerability
200808-11 UUDeview: Insecure temporary file creation
200808-10 Adobe Reader: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200808-09 OpenLDAP: Denial of Service vulnerability
200808-08 stunnel: Security bypass
200808-07 ClamAV: Multiple Denials of Service
200808-06 libxslt: Execution of arbitrary code
200808-05 ISC DHCP: Denial of service
200808-04 Wireshark: Denial of service
200808-03 Mozilla products: Multiple vulnerabilities
200808-02 Net-SNMP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200808-01 xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200807-16 Python: Multiple vulnerabilities
200807-15 Pan: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200807-14 Linux Audit: Buffer overflow
200807-13 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200807-12 BitchX: Multiple vulnerabilities
200807-11 PeerCast: Buffer overflow
200807-10 Bacula: Information disclosure
200807-09 Mercurial: Directory traversal
200807-08 BIND: Cache poisoning
200807-07 NX: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200807-06 Apache: Denial of service
200807-05 User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200807-04 Poppler: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200807-03 PCRE: Buffer overflow
200807-02 Motion: Execution of arbitrary code
200807-01 Python: Multiple integer overflows
200806-11 IBM JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
200806-10 FreeType: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200806-09 libvorbis: Multiple vulnerabilities
200806-08 OpenSSL: Denial of service
200806-07 X.Org X server: Multiple vulnerabilities
200806-06 Evolution: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200806-05 cbrPager: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200806-04 rdesktop: Multiple vulnerabilities
200806-03 Imlib 2: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200806-02 libxslt: Execution of arbitrary code
200806-01 mtr: Stack-based buffer overflow
200805-23 Samba: Heap-based buffer overflow
200805-22 MPlayer: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200805-21 Roundup: Permission bypass
200805-20 GnuTLS: Execution of arbitrary code
200805-19 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-18 Mozilla products: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-17 Perl: Execution of arbitrary code
200805-16 Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-15 libid3tag: Denial of service
200805-14 Common Data Format library: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200805-13 PTeX: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-12 Blender: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-11 Chicken: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-10 Pngcrush: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200805-09 MoinMoin: Privilege escalation
200805-08 InspIRCd: Denial of service
200805-07 Linux Terminal Server Project: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-06 Firebird: Data disclosure
200805-05 Wireshark: Denial of service
200805-04 eGroupWare: Multiple vulnerabilities
200805-03 Multiple X11 terminals: Local privilege escalation
200805-02 phpMyAdmin: Information disclosure
200805-01 Horde Application Framework: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-30 KDE start_kdeinit: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-29 Comix: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-28 JRockit: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-27 SILC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-26 Openfire: Denial of service
200804-25 VLC: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200804-24 DBmail: Data disclosure
200804-23 CUPS: Integer overflow vulnerability
200804-22 PowerDNS Recursor: DNS Cache Poisoning
200804-21 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-20 Sun JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-19 PHP Toolkit: Data disclosure and Denial of service
200804-18 Poppler: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200804-17 Speex: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200804-16 rsync: Execution of arbitrary code
200804-15 libpng: Execution of arbitrary code
200804-14 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-13 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-12 gnome-screensaver: Privilege escalation
200804-11 policyd-weight: Insecure temporary file creation
200804-10 Tomcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-09 am-utils: Insecure temporary file creation
200804-08 lighttpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-07 PECL APC: Buffer Overflow
200804-06 UnZip: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200804-05 NX: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200804-04 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200804-03 OpenSSH: Privilege escalation
200804-02 bzip2: Denial of service
200804-01 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-32 Wireshark: Denial of service
200803-31 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-30 ssl-cert eclass: Certificate disclosure
200803-29 ViewVC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-28 OpenLDAP: Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200803-27 MoinMoin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-26 Adobe Acrobat Reader: Insecure temporary file creation
200803-25 Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-24 PCRE: Buffer overflow
200803-23 Website META Language: Insecure temporary file usage
200803-22 LIVE555 Media Server: Denial of service
200803-21 Sarg: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200803-20 International Components for Unicode: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-19 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-18 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-17 PDFlib: Multiple buffer overflows
200803-16 MPlayer: Multiple buffer overflows
200803-15 phpMyAdmin: SQL injection vulnerability
200803-14 Ghostscript: Buffer overflow
200803-13 VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-12 Evolution: Format string vulnerability
200803-11 Vobcopy: Insecure temporary file creation
200803-10 lighttpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-09 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-08 Win32 binary codecs: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-07 Paramiko: Information disclosure
200803-06 SWORD: Shell command injection
200803-05 SplitVT: Privilege escalation
200803-04 Mantis: Cross-Site Scripting
200803-03 Audacity: Insecure temporary file creation
200803-02 Firebird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200803-01 Adobe Acrobat Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
200802-12 xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200802-11 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
200802-10 Python: PCRE Integer overflow
200802-09 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200802-08 Boost: Denial of service
200802-07 Pulseaudio: Privilege escalation
200802-06 scponly: Multiple vulnerabilities
200802-05 Gnumeric: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200802-04 Gallery: Multiple vulnerabilities
200802-03 Horde IMP: Security bypass
200802-02 Doomsday: Multiple vulnerabilities
200802-01 SDL_image: Two buffer overflow vulnerabilities
200801-22 PeerCast: Buffer overflow
200801-21 Xdg-Utils: Arbitrary command execution
200801-20 libxml2: Denial of service
200801-19 GOffice: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-18 Kazehakase: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-17 Netkit FTP Server: Denial of service
200801-16 MaraDNS: CNAME Denial of service
200801-15 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-14 Blam: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200801-13 ngIRCd: Denial of service
200801-12 xine-lib: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200801-11 CherryPy: Directory traversal vulnerability
200801-10 TikiWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-09 X.Org X server and Xfont library: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-08 libcdio: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200801-07 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-06 Xfce: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-05 Squid: Denial of service
200801-04 OpenAFS: Denial of service
200801-03 Claws Mail: Insecure temporary file creation
200801-02 R: Multiple vulnerabilities
200801-01 unp: Arbitrary command execution
200712-25 User-assisted arbitrary code execution
200712-24 AMD64 x86 emulation GTK+ library: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200712-23 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-22 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-21 Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-20 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-19 Syslog-ng: Denial of service
200712-18 Multi-Threaded DAAP Daemon: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-17 exiftags: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-16 Exiv2: Integer overflow
200712-15 libexif: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-14 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-13 E2fsprogs: Multiple buffer overflows
200712-12 IRC Services: Denial of service
200712-11 Portage: Information disclosure
200712-10 Samba: Execution of arbitrary code
200712-09 Ruby-GNOME2: Format string error
200712-08 AMD64 x86 emulation Qt library: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-07 Lookup: Insecure temporary file creation
200712-06 Firebird: Multiple buffer overflows
200712-05 PEAR::MDB2: Information disclosure
200712-04 Cairo: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200712-03 GNU Emacs: Multiple vulnerabilities
200712-02 Cacti: SQL injection
200712-01 Hugin: Insecure temporary file creation
200711-34 CSTeX: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-33 nss_ldap: Information disclosure
200711-32 Feynmf: Insecure temporary file creation
200711-31 Net-SNMP: Denial of service
200711-30 PCRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-29 Samba: Execution of arbitrary code
200711-28 Perl: Buffer overflow
200711-27 Link Grammar: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200711-26 teTeX: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-25 MySQL: Denial of service
200711-24 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-23 VMware Workstation and Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-22 Poppler, KDE: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200711-21 Bochs: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-20 Pioneers: Multiple Denials of Service
200711-19 TikiWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-18 Cpio: Buffer overflow
200711-17 Ruby on Rails: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-16 CUPS: Memory corruption
200711-15 FLAC: Buffer overflow
200711-14 Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, XULRunner: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-13 3proxy: Denial of service
200711-12 Tomboy: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200711-11 Nagios Plugins: Two buffer overflows
200711-10 Mono: Buffer overflow
200711-09 MadWifi: Denial of service
200711-08 libpng: Multiple Denials of Service
200711-07 Python: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200711-06 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-05 SiteBar: Multiple issues
200711-04 Evolution: User-assisted remote execution of arbitrary code
200711-03 Gallery: Multiple vulnerabilities
200711-02 OpenSSH: Security bypass
200711-01 gFTP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-31 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-30 OpenSSL: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200710-29 Sylpheed, Claws Mail: User-assisted remote execution of arbitrary code
200710-28 Qt: Buffer overflow
200710-27 ImageMagick: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-26 HPLIP: Privilege escalation
200710-25 MLDonkey: Privilege escalation
200710-24 Heap-based buffer overflow
200710-23 Star: Directory traversal vulnerability
200710-22 TRAMP: Insecure temporary file creation
200710-21 TikiWiki: Arbitrary command execution
200710-20 PDFKit, ImageKits: Buffer overflow
200710-19 The Sleuth Kit: Integer underflow
200710-18 util-linux: Local privilege escalation
200710-17 Balsa: Buffer overflow
200710-16 X.Org X server: Composite local privilege escalation
200710-15 KDM: Local privilege escalation
200710-14 DenyHosts: Denial of service
200710-13 Ampache: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-12 T1Lib: Buffer overflow
200710-11 X Font Server: Multiple Vulnerabilities
200710-10 SKK Tools: Insecure temporary file creation
200710-09 NX 2.1: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200710-08 KOffice, KWord, KPDF, KDE Graphics Libraries: Stack-based buffer overflow
200710-07 Tk: Buffer overflow
200710-06 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-05 QGit: Insecure temporary file creation
200710-04 libsndfile: Buffer overflow
200710-03 libvorbis: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-02 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200710-01 RPCSEC_GSS library: Buffer overflow
200709-18 Bugzilla: Multiple vulnerabilities
200709-17 teTeX: Multiple buffer overflows
200709-16 Lighttpd: Buffer overflow
200709-15 BEA JRockit: Multiple vulnerabilities
200709-14 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200709-13 rsync: Two buffer overflows
200709-12 Poppler: Two buffer overflow vulnerabilities
200709-11 GDM: Local Denial of service
200709-10 PhpWiki: Authentication bypass
200709-09 GNU Tar: Directory traversal vulnerability
200709-08 id3lib: Insecure temporary file creation
200709-07 Eggdrop: Buffer overflow
200709-06 flac123: Buffer overflow
200709-05 RealPlayer: Buffer overflow
200709-04 po4a: Insecure temporary file creation
200709-03 Streamripper: Buffer overflow
200709-02 KVIrc: Remote arbitrary code execution
200709-01 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-17 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-16 Qt: Multiple format string vulnerabilities
200708-15 Apache mod_jk: Directory traversal
200708-14 NVIDIA drivers: Denial of service
200708-13 BIND: Weak random number generation
200708-12 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-11 Lighttpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-10 MySQL: Denial of Service and information leakage
200708-09 Mozilla products: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-08 SquirrelMail G/PGP plugin: Arbitrary code execution
200708-07 Xfce Terminal: Remote arbitrary code execution
200708-06 Net::DNS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-05 GD: Multiple vulnerabilities
200708-04 ClamAV: Denial of service
200708-03 libarchive (formerly named as bsdtar): Multiple PaX Extension Header Vulnerabilities
200708-02 Xvid: Array indexing vulnerabilities
200708-01 Macromedia Flash Player: Remote arbitrary code execution
200707-14 tcpdump: Integer overflow
200707-13 Fail2ban: Denial of service
200707-12 VLC media player: Format string vulnerabilities
200707-11 MIT Kerberos 5: Arbitrary remote code execution
200707-10 Festival: Privilege elevation
200707-09 GIMP: Multiple integer overflows
200707-08 NVClock: Insecure file usage
200707-07 MPlayer: Multiple buffer overflows
200707-06 XnView: Stack-based buffer overflow
200707-05 Webmin, Usermin: Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
200707-04 GNU C Library: Integer overflow
200707-03 Evolution: User-assisted remote execution of arbitrary code
200707-02 Two buffer overflows
200707-01 Firebird: Buffer overflow
200706-09 libexif: Buffer overflow
200706-08 emul-linux-x86-java: Multiple vulnerabilities
200706-07 PHProjekt: Multiple vulnerabilities
200706-06 Mozilla products: Multiple vulnerabilities
200706-05 ClamAV: Multiple Denials of Service
200706-04 MadWifi: Multiple vulnerabilities
200706-03 ELinks: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200706-02 Evolution: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200706-01 libexif: Integer overflow vulnerability
200705-25 file: Integer overflow
200705-24 libpng: Denial of service
200705-23 Sun JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
200705-22 FreeType: Buffer overflow
200705-21 MPlayer: Two buffer overflows
200705-20 Blackdown Java: Applet privilege escalation
200705-19 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200705-18 PPTPD: Denial of Service attack
200705-17 Apache mod_security: Rule bypass
200705-16 PhpWiki: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200705-15 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
200705-14 XScreenSaver: Privilege escalation
200705-13 ImageMagick: Multiple buffer overflows
200705-12 PostgreSQL: Privilege escalation
200705-11 MySQL: Two Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200705-10 LibXfont, TightVNC: Multiple vulnerabilities
200705-09 IPsec-Tools: Denial of service
200705-08 GIMP: Buffer overflow
200705-07 Lighttpd: Two Denials of Service
200705-06 X.Org X11 library: Multiple integer overflows
200705-05 Quagga: Denial of service
200705-04 Apache mod_perl: Denial of service
200705-03 Tomcat: Information disclosure
200705-02 FreeType: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
200705-01 Ktorrent: Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-23 capi4k-utils: Buffer overflow
200704-22 BEAST: Denial of service
200704-21 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-20 NAS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-19 Blender: User-assisted remote execution of arbitrary code
200704-18 Courier-IMAP: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200704-17 3proxy: Buffer overflow
200704-16 Aircrack-ng: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200704-15 MadWifi: Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-14 FreeRADIUS: Denial of service
200704-13 File: Denial of service
200704-12 Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-11 Vixie Cron: Denial of service
200704-10 Inkscape: Two format string vulnerabilities
200704-09 xine-lib: Heap-based buffer overflow
200704-08 DokuWiki: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200704-07 libwpd: Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-06 Evince: Stack overflow in included gv code
200704-05 zziplib: Buffer Overflow
200704-04 OpenPBS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200704-03 OpenAFS: Privilege escalation
200704-02 MIT Kerberos 5: Arbitrary remote code execution
200704-01 Asterisk: Two SIP Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200703-28 CUPS: Denial of service
200703-27 Squid: Denial of service
200703-26 file: Integer underflow
200703-25 Ekiga: Format string vulnerability
200703-24 mgv: Stack overflow in included gv code
200703-23 WordPress: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-22 Mozilla Network Security Service: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200703-21 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-20 LSAT: Insecure temporary file creation
200703-19 LTSP: Authentication bypass in included LibVNCServer code
200703-18 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-17 ulogd: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200703-16 Apache JK Tomcat Connector: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200703-15 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-14 Asterisk: SIP Denial of service
200703-13 SSH Communications Security's Secure Shell Server: SFTP privilege escalation
200703-12 SILC Server: Denial of service
200703-11 Amarok: User-assisted remote execution of arbitrary code
200703-10 KHTML: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability
200703-09 Smb4K: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-08 SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-07 STLport: Possible remote execution of arbitrary code
200703-06 AMD64 x86 emulation Qt library: Integer overflow
200703-05 Mozilla Suite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-04 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200703-03 ClamAV: Denial of service
200703-02 SpamAssassin: Long URI Denial of service
200703-01 Snort: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200702-12 CHMlib: User-assisted remote execution of arbitrary code
200702-11 MPlayer: Buffer overflow
200702-10 UFO2000: Multiple vulnerabilities
200702-09 Nexuiz: Multiple vulnerabilities
200702-08 AMD64 x86 emulation Sun's J2SE Development Kit: Multiple vulnerabilities
200702-07 Sun JDK/JRE: Execution of arbitrary code
200702-06 BIND: Denial of service
200702-05 Fail2ban: Denial of service
200702-04 RAR, UnRAR: Buffer overflow
200702-03 Snort: Denial of service
200702-02 ProFTPD: Local privilege escalation
200702-01 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-28 thttpd: Unauthenticated remote file access
200701-27 ELinks: Arbitrary Samba command execution
200701-26 KSirc: Denial of Service vulnerability
200701-25 X.Org X server: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-24 VLC media player: Format string vulnerability
200701-23 Cacti: Command execution and SQL injection
200701-22 Squid: Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200701-21 MIT Kerberos 5: Arbitrary Remote Code Execution
200701-20 Centericq: Remote buffer overflow in LiveJournal handling
200701-19 OpenLDAP: Insecure usage of /tmp during installation
200701-18 xine-ui: Format string vulnerabilities
200701-17 libgtop: Privilege escalation
200701-16 Adobe Acrobat Reader: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-15 Sun JDK/JRE: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-14 Mod_auth_kerb: Denial of service
200701-13 Fetchmail: Denial of Service and password disclosure
200701-12 Mono: Information disclosure
200701-11 Kronolith: Local file inclusion
200701-10 WordPress: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-09 oftpd: Denial of service
200701-08 Opera: Two remote code execution vulnerabilities
200701-07 EMF/WMF file handling vulnerabilities
200701-06 w3m: Format string vulnerability
200701-05 KDE kfile JPEG info plugin: Denial of service
200701-04 SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-03 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-02 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200701-01 DenyHosts: Denial of service
200612-21 Ruby: Denial of Service vulnerability
200612-20 imlib2: Multiple vulnerabilities
200612-19 pam_ldap: Authentication bypass vulnerability
200612-18 ClamAV: Denial of service
200612-17 GNU Radius: Format string vulnerability
200612-16 Links: Arbitrary Samba command execution
200612-15 McAfee VirusScan: Insecure DT_RPATH
200612-14 Trac: Cross-site request forgery
200612-13 libgsf: Buffer overflow
200612-12 F-PROT Antivirus: Multiple vulnerabilities
200612-11 AMD64 x86 emulation base libraries: OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities
200612-10 Tar: Directory traversal vulnerability
200612-09 MadWifi: Kernel driver buffer overflow
200612-08 SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
200612-07 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200612-06 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200612-05 KOffice shared libraries: Heap corruption
200612-04 ModPlug: Multiple buffer overflows
200612-03 GnuPG: Multiple vulnerabilities
200612-02 xine-lib: Buffer overflow
200612-01 wv library: Multiple integer overflows
200611-26 ProFTPD: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200611-25 OpenLDAP: Denial of Service vulnerability
200611-24 LHa: Multiple vulnerabilities
200611-23 Mono: Insecure temporary file creation
200611-22 Ingo H3: Folder name shell command injection
200611-21 Kile: Incorrect backup file permission
200611-20 GNU gv: Stack overflow
200611-19 ImageMagick: PALM and DCM buffer overflows
200611-18 TIN: Multiple buffer overflows
200611-17 fvwm: fvwm-menu-directory fvwm command injection
200611-16 Texinfo: Buffer overflow
200611-15 qmailAdmin: Buffer overflow
200611-14 TORQUE: Insecure temporary file creation
200611-13 Avahi: "netlink" message vulnerability
200611-12 Ruby: Denial of Service vulnerability
200611-11 TikiWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
200611-10 WordPress: Multiple vulnerabilities
200611-09 libpng: Denial of service
200611-08 RPM: Buffer overflow
200611-07 GraphicsMagick: PALM and DCM buffer overflows
200611-06 OpenSSH: Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200611-05 Netkit FTP Server: Privilege escalation
200611-04 Bugzilla: Multiple Vulnerabilities
200611-03 NVIDIA binary graphics driver: Privilege escalation vulnerability
200611-02 Qt: Integer overflow
200611-01 Screen: UTF-8 character handling vulnerability
200610-15 Asterisk: Multiple vulnerabilities
200610-14 PHP: Integer overflow
200610-13 Cheese Tracker: Buffer Overflow
200610-12 Apache mod_tcl: Format string vulnerability
200610-11 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200610-10 ClamAV: Multiple Vulnerabilities
200610-09 libmusicbrainz: Multiple buffer overflows
200610-08 Cscope: Multiple buffer overflows
200610-07 Python: Buffer Overflow
200610-06 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): RSA signature forgery
200610-05 CAPI4Hylafax fax receiver: Execution of arbitrary code
200610-04 Seamonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
200610-03 ncompress: Buffer Underflow
200610-02 Adobe Flash Player: Arbitrary code execution
200610-01 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200609-20 DokuWiki: Shell command injection and Denial of service
200609-19 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200609-18 Opera: RSA signature forgery
200609-17 OpenSSH: Denial of service
200609-16 Tikiwiki: Arbitrary command execution
200609-15 GnuTLS: RSA Signature Forgery
200609-14 ImageMagick: Multiple Vulnerabilities
200609-13 gzip: Multiple vulnerabilities
200609-12 Mailman: Multiple vulnerabilities
200609-11 BIND: Denial of service
200609-10 DokuWiki: Arbitrary command execution
200609-09 FFmpeg: Buffer overflows
200609-08 xine-lib: Buffer overflows
200609-07 LibXfont, monolithic Multiple integer overflows
200609-06 AdPlug: Multiple vulnerabilities
200609-05 OpenSSL, AMD64 x86 emulation base libraries: RSA signature forgery
200609-04 LibXfont: Multiple integer overflows
200609-03 OpenTTD: Remote Denial of service
200609-02 GTetrinet: Remote code execution
200609-01 Streamripper: Multiple remote buffer overflows
200608-28 PHP: Arbitary code execution
200608-27 Motor: Execution of arbitrary code
200608-26 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
200608-25 and some libraries: Local privilege escalations
200608-24 AlsaPlayer: Multiple buffer overflows
200608-23 Heartbeat: Denial of service
200608-22 fbida: Arbitrary command execution
200608-21 Heimdal: Multiple local privilege escalation vulnerabilities
200608-20 Ruby on Rails: Several vulnerabilities
200608-19 WordPress: Privilege escalation
200608-18 Net::Server: Format string vulnerability
200608-17 libwmf: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200608-16 Warzone 2100 Resurrection: Multiple buffer overflows
200608-15 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple local privilege escalation vulnerabilities
200608-14 DUMB: Heap buffer overflow
200608-13 ClamAV: Heap buffer overflow
200608-12 x11vnc: Authentication bypass in included LibVNCServer code
200608-11 Webmin, Usermin: File Disclosure
200608-10 pike: SQL injection vulnerability
200608-09 MySQL: Denial of service
200608-08 GnuPG: Integer overflow vulnerability
200608-07 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
200608-06 Courier MTA: Denial of Service vulnerability
200608-05 LibVNCServer: Authentication bypass
200608-04 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200608-03 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200608-02 Mozilla SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities
200608-01 Apache: Off-by-one flaw in mod_rewrite
200607-13 Audacious: Multiple heap and buffer overflows
200607-12 Multiple vulnerabilities
200607-11 TunePimp: Buffer overflow
200607-10 Samba: Denial of Service vulnerability
200607-09 Wireshark: Multiple vulnerabilities
200607-08 GIMP: Buffer overflow
200607-07 xine-lib: Buffer overflow
200607-06 libpng: Buffer overflow
200607-05 SHOUTcast server: Multiple vulnerabilities
200607-04 PostgreSQL: SQL injection
200607-03 libTIFF: Multiple buffer overflows
200607-02 FreeType: Multiple integer overflows
200607-01 mpg123: Heap overflow
200606-30 Kiax: Arbitrary code execution
200606-29 Tikiwiki: SQL injection and multiple XSS vulnerabilities
200606-28 Horde Web Application Framework: XSS vulnerability
200606-27 Mutt: Buffer overflow
200606-26 EnergyMech: Denial of service
200606-25 Hashcash: Possible heap overflow
200606-24 wv2: Integer overflow
200606-23 KDM: Symlink vulnerability
200606-22 aRts: Privilege escalation
200606-21 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200606-20 Typespeed: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200606-19 Sendmail: Denial of service
200606-18 PAM-MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200606-17 OpenLDAP: Buffer overflow
200606-16 DokuWiki: PHP code injection
200606-15 Asterisk: IAX2 video frame buffer overflow
200606-14 GDM: Privilege escalation
200606-13 MySQL: SQL Injection
200606-12 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200606-11 JPEG library: Denial of service
200606-10 Cscope: Many buffer overflows
200606-09 SpamAssassin: Execution of arbitrary code
200606-08 WordPress: Arbitrary command execution
200606-07 Vixie Cron: Privilege Escalation
200606-06 AWStats: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200606-05 Pound: HTTP request smuggling
200606-04 Tor: Several vulnerabilities
200606-03 Dia: Format string vulnerabilities
200606-02 shadow: Privilege escalation
200606-01 Opera: Buffer overflow
200605-17 libTIFF: Multiple vulnerabilities
200605-16 CherryPy: Directory traversal vulnerability
200605-15 Quagga Routing Suite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200605-14 libextractor: Two heap-based buffer overflows
200605-13 MySQL: Information leakage
200605-12 Quake 3 engine based games: Buffer Overflow
200605-11 Ruby: Denial of service
200605-10 pdnsd: Denial of Service and potential arbitrary code execution
200605-09 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200605-08 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200605-07 Nagios: Buffer overflow
200605-06 Mozilla Firefox: Potential remote code execution
200605-05 rsync: Potential integer overflow
200605-04 phpWebSite: Local file inclusion
200605-03 ClamAV: Buffer overflow in Freshclam
200605-02 X.Org: Buffer overflow in XRender extension
200605-01 MPlayer: Heap-based buffer overflow
200604-18 Mozilla Suite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200604-17 Ethereal: Multiple vulnerabilities in protocol dissectors
200604-16 xine-lib: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200604-15 xine-ui: Format string vulnerabilities
200604-14 Dia: Arbitrary code execution through XFig import
200604-13 fbida: Insecure temporary file creation
200604-12 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200604-11 Crossfire server: Denial of Service and potential arbitrary code execution
200604-10 zgv, xzgv: Heap overflow
200604-09 Cyrus-SASL: DIGEST-MD5 Pre-Authentication Denial of service
200604-08 libapreq2: Denial of Service vulnerability
200604-07 Cacti: Multiple vulnerabilities in included ADOdb
200604-06 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200604-05 Doomsday: Format string vulnerability
200604-04 Kaffeine: Buffer overflow
200604-03 FreeRADIUS: Authentication bypass in EAP-MSCHAPv2 module
200604-02 Horde Application Framework: Remote code execution
200604-01 MediaWiki: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200603-26 bsd-games: Local privilege escalation in tetris-bsd
200603-25 Heap overflow in included libcurl
200603-24 RealPlayer: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200603-23 NetHack, Slash'EM, Falcon's Eye: Local privilege escalation
200603-22 PHP: Format string and XSS vulnerabilities
200603-21 Sendmail: Race condition in the handling of asynchronous signals
200603-20 Macromedia Flash Player: Arbitrary code execution
200603-19 cURL/libcurl: Buffer overflow in the handling of TFTP URLs
200603-18 Pngcrush: Buffer overflow
200603-17 PeerCast: Buffer overflow
200603-16 Metamail: Buffer overflow
200603-15 Crypt::CBC: Insecure initialization vector
200603-14 Heimdal: rshd privilege escalation
200603-13 PEAR-Auth: Potential authentication bypass
200603-12 zoo: Buffer overflow
200603-11 Freeciv: Denial of service
200603-10 Cube: Multiple vulnerabilities
200603-09 SquirrelMail: Cross-site scripting and IMAP command injection
200603-08 GnuPG: Incorrect signature verification
200603-07 flex: Potential insecure code generation
200603-06 GNU tar: Buffer overflow
200603-05 zoo: Stack-based buffer overflow
200603-04 IMAP Proxy: Format string vulnerabilities
200603-03 MPlayer: Multiple integer overflows
200603-02 teTeX, pTeX, CSTeX: Multiple overflows in included XPdf code
200603-01 WordPress: SQL injection vulnerability
200602-14 noweb: Insecure temporary file creation
200602-13 GraphicsMagick: Format string vulnerability
200602-12 GPdf: heap overflows in included Xpdf code
200602-11 OpenSSH, Dropbear: Insecure use of system() call
200602-10 GnuPG: Incorrect signature verification
200602-09 BomberClone: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200602-08 libtasn1, GNU TLS: Security flaw in DER decoding
200602-07 Sun JDK/JRE: Applet privilege escalation
200602-06 ImageMagick: Format string vulnerability
200602-05 KPdf: Heap based overflow
200602-04 Xpdf, Poppler: Heap overflow
200602-03 Apache: Multiple vulnerabilities
200602-02 ADOdb: PostgresSQL command injection
200602-01 GStreamer FFmpeg plugin: Heap-based buffer overflow
200601-17 Xpdf, Poppler, GPdf, libextractor, pdftohtml: Heap overflows
200601-16 MyDNS: Denial of service
200601-15 Paros: Default administrator password
200601-14 LibAST: Privilege escalation
200601-13 Gallery: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200601-12 Trac: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200601-11 KDE kjs: URI heap overflow vulnerability
200601-10 Sun and Blackdown Java: Applet privilege escalation
200601-09 Wine: Windows Metafile SETABORTPROC vulnerability
200601-08 Blender: Heap-based buffer overflow
200601-07 ClamAV: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200601-06 xine-lib, FFmpeg: Heap-based buffer overflow
200601-05 mod_auth_pgsql: Multiple format string vulnerabilities
200601-04 VMware Workstation: Vulnerability in NAT networking
200601-03 HylaFAX: Multiple vulnerabilities
200601-02 KPdf, KWord: Multiple overflows in included Xpdf code
200601-01 pinentry: Local privilege escalation
200512-18 XnView: Privilege escalation
200512-17 scponly: Multiple privilege escalation issues
200512-16 OpenMotif, AMD64 x86 emulation X libraries: Buffer overflows in libUil library
200512-15 rssh: Privilege escalation
200512-14 NBD Tools: Buffer overflow in NBD server
200512-13 Dropbear: Privilege escalation
200512-12 Mantis: Multiple vulnerabilities
200512-11 CenterICQ: Multiple vulnerabilities
200512-10 Opera: Command-line URL shell command injection
200512-09 cURL: Off-by-one errors in URL handling
200512-08 Xpdf, GPdf, CUPS, Poppler: Multiple vulnerabilities
200512-07 OpenLDAP, Gauche: RUNPATH issues
200512-06 Ethereal: Buffer overflow in OSPF protocol dissector
200512-05 Xmail: Privilege escalation through sendmail
200512-04 Openswan, IPsec-Tools: Vulnerabilities in ISAKMP Protocol implementation
200512-03 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200512-02 Webmin, Usermin: Format string vulnerability
200512-01 Perl: Format string errors can lead to code execution
200511-23 chmlib, KchmViewer: Stack-based buffer overflow
200511-22 Inkscape: Buffer overflow
200511-21 Macromedia Flash Player: Remote arbitrary code execution
200511-20 Horde Application Framework: XSS vulnerability
200511-19 eix: Insecure temporary file creation
200511-18 phpSysInfo: Multiple vulnerabilities
200511-17 FUSE: mtab corruption through fusermount
200511-16 GNUMP3d: Directory traversal and insecure temporary file creation
200511-15 Smb4k: Local unauthorized file access
200511-14 GTK+ 2, GdkPixbuf: Multiple XPM decoding vulnerabilities
200511-13 Sylpheed, Sylpheed-Claws: Buffer overflow in LDIF importer
200511-12 Scorched 3D: Multiple vulnerabilities
200511-11 linux-ftpd-ssl: Remote buffer overflow
200511-10 RAR: Format string and buffer overflow vulnerabilities
200511-09 Lynx: Arbitrary command execution
200511-08 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200511-07 OpenVPN: Multiple vulnerabilities
200511-06 fetchmail: Password exposure in fetchmailconf
200511-05 GNUMP3d: Directory traversal and XSS vulnerabilities
200511-04 ClamAV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200511-03 giflib: Multiple vulnerabilities
200511-02 QDBM, ImageMagick, GDAL: RUNPATH issues
200511-01 libgda: Format string vulnerabilities
200510-26 XLI, Xloadimage: Buffer overflow
200510-25 Ethereal: Multiple vulnerabilities in protocol dissectors
200510-24 Mantis: Multiple vulnerabilities
200510-23 TikiWiki: XSS vulnerability
200510-22 SELinux PAM: Local password guessing attack
200510-21 phpMyAdmin: Local file inclusion and XSS vulnerabilities
200510-20 Zope: File inclusion through RestructuredText
200510-19 cURL: NTLM username stack overflow
200510-18 Netpbm: Buffer overflow in pnmtopng
200510-17 AbiWord: New RTF import buffer overflows
200510-16 phpMyAdmin: Local file inclusion vulnerability
200510-15 Lynx: Buffer overflow in NNTP processing
200510-14 Perl, Qt-UnixODBC, CMake: RUNPATH issues
200510-13 SPE: Insecure file permissions
200510-12 KOffice, KWord: RTF import buffer overflow
200510-11 OpenSSL: SSL 2.0 protocol rollback
200510-10 uw-imap: Remote buffer overflow
200510-09 Weex: Format string vulnerability
200510-08 xine-lib: Format string vulnerability
200510-07 RealPlayer, Helix Player: Format string vulnerability
200510-06 Dia: Arbitrary code execution through SVG import
200510-05 Ruby: Security bypass vulnerability
200510-04 Texinfo: Insecure temporary file creation
200510-03 Uim: Privilege escalation vulnerability
200510-02 Berkeley MPEG Tools: Multiple insecure temporary files
200510-01 gtkdiskfree: Insecure temporary file creation
200509-21 Hylafax: Insecure temporary file creation in xferfaxstats script
200509-20 AbiWord: RTF import stack-based buffer overflow
200509-19 PHP: Vulnerabilities in included PCRE and XML-RPC libraries
200509-18 Qt: Buffer overflow in the included zlib library
200509-17 Webmin, Usermin: Remote code execution through PAM authentication
200509-16 Mantis: XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities
200509-15 util-linux: umount command validation error
200509-14 Zebedee: Denial of Service vulnerability
200509-13 Clam AntiVirus: Multiple vulnerabilities
200509-12 Apache, mod_ssl: Multiple vulnerabilities
200509-11 Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200509-10 Mailutils: Format string vulnerability in imap4d
200509-09 Py2Play: Remote execution of arbitrary Python code
200509-08 Python: Heap overflow in the included PCRE library
200509-07 X.Org: Heap overflow in pixmap allocation
200509-06 Squid: Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200509-05 Net-SNMP: Insecure RPATH
200509-04 phpLDAPadmin: Authentication bypass
200509-03 OpenTTD: Format string vulnerabilities
200509-02 Gnumeric: Heap overflow in the included PCRE library
200509-01 MPlayer: Heap overflow in ad_pcm.c
200508-22 pam_ldap: Authentication bypass vulnerability
200508-21 phpWebSite: Arbitrary command execution through XML-RPC and SQL injection
200508-20 phpGroupWare: Multiple vulnerabilities
200508-19 lm_sensors: Insecure temporary file creation
200508-18 PhpWiki: Arbitrary command execution through XML-RPC
200508-17 libpcre: Heap integer overflow
200508-16 Tor: Information disclosure
200508-15 Apache 2.0: Denial of Service vulnerability
200508-14 TikiWiki, eGroupWare: Arbitrary command execution through XML-RPC
200508-13 PEAR XML-RPC, phpxmlrpc: New PHP script injection vulnerability
200508-12 Evolution: Format string vulnerabilities
200508-11 Adobe Reader: Buffer Overflow
200508-10 Kismet: Multiple vulnerabilities
200508-09 bluez-utils: Bluetooth device name validation vulnerability
200508-08 Xpdf, Kpdf, GPdf: Denial of Service vulnerability
200508-07 AWStats: Arbitrary code execution using malicious Referrer information
200508-06 Gaim: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200508-05 Heartbeat: Insecure temporary file creation
200508-04 Netpbm: Arbitrary code execution in pstopnm
200508-03 nbSMTP: Format string vulnerability
200508-02 ProFTPD: Format string vulnerabilities
200508-01 Compress::Zlib: Buffer overflow
200507-29 pstotext: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200507-28 AMD64 x86 emulation base libraries: Buffer overflow
200507-27 Ethereal: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-26 GNU Gadu, CenterICQ, Kadu, EKG, libgadu: Remote code execution in Gadu library
200507-25 Clam AntiVirus: Integer overflows
200507-24 Mozilla Suite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-23 Kopete: Vulnerability in included Gadu library
200507-22 sandbox: Insecure temporary file handling
200507-21 fetchmail: Buffer Overflow
200507-20 Shorewall: Security policy bypass
200507-19 zlib: Buffer overflow
200507-18 MediaWiki: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200507-17 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-16 dhcpcd: Denial of Service vulnerability
200507-15 PHP: Script injection through XML-RPC
200507-14 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-13 pam_ldap and nss_ldap: Plain text authentication leak
200507-12 Bugzilla: Unauthorized access and information disclosure
200507-11 MIT Kerberos 5: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-10 Ruby: Arbitrary command execution through XML-RPC
200507-09 Adobe Acrobat Reader: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200507-08 phpGroupWare, eGroupWare: PHP script injection vulnerability
200507-07 phpWebSite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-06 TikiWiki: Arbitrary command execution through XML-RPC
200507-05 zlib: Buffer overflow
200507-04 RealPlayer: Heap overflow vulnerability
200507-03 phpBB: Arbitrary command execution
200507-02 WordPress: Multiple vulnerabilities
200507-01 PEAR XML-RPC, phpxmlrpc: PHP script injection vulnerability
200506-24 Heimdal: Buffer overflow vulnerabilities
200506-23 Clam AntiVirus: Denial of Service vulnerability
200506-22 sudo: Arbitrary command execution
200506-21 Trac: File upload vulnerability
200506-20 Cacti: Several vulnerabilities
200506-19 SquirrelMail: Several XSS vulnerabilities
200506-18 Tor: Information disclosure
200506-17 SpamAssassin 3, Vipul's Razor: Denial of Service vulnerability
200506-16 cpio: Directory traversal vulnerability
200506-15 PeerCast: Format string vulnerability
200506-14 Sun and Blackdown Java: Applet privilege escalation
200506-13 webapp-config: Insecure temporary file handling
200506-12 MediaWiki: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200506-11 Gaim: Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200506-10 LutelWall: Insecure temporary file creation
200506-09 gedit: Format string vulnerability
200506-08 GNU shtool, ocaml-mysql: Insecure temporary file creation
200506-07 Ettercap: Format string vulnerability
200506-06 libextractor: Multiple overflow vulnerabilities
200506-05 SilverCity: Insecure file permissions
200506-04 Wordpress: Multiple vulnerabilities
200506-03 Dzip: Directory traversal vulnerability
200506-02 Mailutils: SQL Injection
200506-01 Binutils, elfutils: Buffer overflow
200505-20 Mailutils: Multiple vulnerabilities in imap4d and mail
200505-19 gxine: Format string vulnerability
200505-18 Net-SNMP: fixproc insecure temporary file creation
200505-17 Qpopper: Multiple Vulnerabilities
200505-16 ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick: Denial of Service vulnerability
200505-15 gdb: Multiple vulnerabilities
200505-14 Cheetah: Untrusted module search path
200505-13 FreeRADIUS: SQL injection and Denial of Service vulnerability
200505-12 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200505-11 Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox: Remote compromise
200505-10 phpBB: Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
200505-09 Gaim: Denial of Service and buffer overflow vulnerabilties
200505-08 HT Editor: Multiple buffer overflows
200505-07 libTIFF: Buffer overflow
200505-06 TCPDump: Decoding routines Denial of Service vulnerability
200505-05 gzip: Multiple vulnerabilities
200505-04 GnuTLS: Denial of Service vulnerability
200505-03 Ethereal: Numerous vulnerabilities
200505-02 Oops!: Remote code execution
200505-01 Horde Framework: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities
200504-30 phpMyAdmin: Insecure SQL script installation
200504-29 Pound: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200504-28 Heimdal: Buffer overflow vulnerabilities
200504-27 xine-lib: Two heap overflow vulnerabilities
200504-26 Convert-UUlib: Buffer overflow
200504-25 Rootkit Hunter: Insecure temporary file creation
200504-24 eGroupWare: XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities
200504-23 Kommander: Insecure remote script execution
200504-22 KDE kimgio: PCX handling buffer overflow
200504-21 RealPlayer, Helix Player: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200504-20 openMosixview: Insecure temporary file creation
200504-19 MPlayer: Two heap overflow vulnerabilities
200504-18 Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200504-17 XV: Multiple vulnerabilities
200504-16 CVS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200504-15 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200504-14 monkeyd: Multiple vulnerabilities
200504-13 OpenOffice.Org: DOC document Heap Overflow
200504-12 rsnapshot: Local privilege escalation
200504-11 JunkBuster: Multiple vulnerabilities
200504-10 Gld: Remote execution of arbitrary code
200504-09 Axel: Vulnerability in HTTP redirection handling
200504-08 phpMyAdmin: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200504-07 GnomeVFS, libcdaudio: CDDB response overflow
200504-06 sharutils: Insecure temporary file creation
200504-05 Gaim: Denial of Service issues
200504-04 mit-krb5: Multiple buffer overflows in telnet client
200504-03 Dnsmasq: Poisoning and Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200504-02 Sylpheed, Sylpheed-claws: Buffer overflow on message display
200504-01 telnet-bsd: Multiple buffer overflows
200503-37 LimeWire: Disclosure of sensitive information
200503-36 netkit-telnetd: Buffer overflow
200503-35 Smarty: Template vulnerability
200503-34 mpg321: Format string vulnerability
200503-33 IPsec-Tools: racoon Denial of service
200503-32 Mozilla Thunderbird: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-31 Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-30 Mozilla Suite: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-29 GnuPG: OpenPGP protocol attack
200503-28 Sun Java: Web Start argument injection vulnerability
200503-27 Xzabite dyndnsupdate: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-26 Sylpheed, Sylpheed-claws: Message reply overflow
200503-25 OpenSLP: Multiple buffer overflows
200503-24 LTris: Buffer overflow
200503-23 rxvt-unicode: Buffer overflow
200503-22 KDE: Local Denial of service
200503-21 Grip: CDDB response overflow
200503-20 curl: NTLM response buffer overflow
200503-19 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-18 Ringtone Tools: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200503-17 libexif: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200503-16 Ethereal: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-15 libXpm vulnerability
200503-14 KDE dcopidlng: Insecure temporary file creation
200503-13 mlterm: Integer overflow vulnerability
200503-12 Hashcash: Format string vulnerability
200503-11 ImageMagick: Filename handling vulnerability
200503-10 Mozilla Firefox: Various vulnerabilities
200503-09 xv: Filename handling vulnerability
200503-08 OpenMotif, LessTif: New libXpm buffer overflows
200503-07 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-06 BidWatcher: Format string vulnerability
200503-05 xli, xloadimage: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-04 phpWebSite: Arbitrary PHP execution and path disclosure
200503-03 Gaim: Multiple Denial of Service issues
200503-02 phpBB: Multiple vulnerabilities
200503-01 Qt: Untrusted library search path
200502-33 MediaWiki: Multiple vulnerabilities
200502-32 UnAce: Buffer overflow and directory traversal vulnerabilities
200502-31 uim: Privilege escalation vulnerability
200502-30 cmd5checkpw: Local password leak vulnerability
200502-29 Cyrus IMAP Server: Multiple overflow vulnerabilities
200502-28 PuTTY: Remote code execution
200502-27 gFTP: Directory traversal vulnerability
200502-26 GProFTPD: gprostats format string vulnerability
200502-25 Squid: Denial of Service through DNS responses
200502-24 Midnight Commander: Multiple vulnerabilities
200502-23 KStars: Buffer overflow in fliccd
200502-22 wpa_supplicant: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200502-21 lighttpd: Script source disclosure
200502-20 Emacs, XEmacs: Format string vulnerabilities in movemail
200502-19 PostgreSQL: Buffer overflows in PL/PgSQL parser
200502-18 VMware Workstation: Untrusted library search path
200502-17 Opera: Multiple vulnerabilities
200502-16 ht://Dig: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200502-15 PowerDNS: Denial of Service vulnerability
200502-14 mod_python: Publisher Handler vulnerability
200502-13 Perl: Vulnerabilities in perl-suid wrapper
200502-12 Webmin: Information leak in Gentoo binary package
200502-11 Mailman: Directory traversal vulnerability
200502-10 pdftohtml: Vulnerabilities in included Xpdf
200502-09 Python: Arbitrary code execution through SimpleXMLRPCServer
200502-08 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200502-07 OpenMotif: Multiple vulnerabilities in libXpm
200502-06 LessTif: Multiple vulnerabilities in libXpm
200502-05 Newspost: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200502-04 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
200502-03 enscript: Multiple vulnerabilities
200502-02 UW IMAP: CRAM-MD5 authentication bypass
200502-01 FireHOL: Insecure temporary file creation
200501-46 ClamAV: Multiple issues
200501-45 Gallery: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200501-44 ncpfs: Multiple vulnerabilities
200501-43 f2c: Insecure temporary file creation
200501-42 VDR: Arbitrary file overwriting issue
200501-41 TikiWiki: Arbitrary command execution
200501-40 ngIRCd: Buffer overflow
200501-39 SquirrelMail: Multiple vulnerabilities
200501-38 Perl: rmtree and DBI tmpfile vulnerabilities
200501-37 GraphicsMagick: PSD decoding heap overflow
200501-36 AWStats: Remote code execution
200501-35 Evolution: Integer overflow in camel-lock-helper
200501-34 Konversation: Various vulnerabilities
200501-33 MySQL: Insecure temporary file creation
200501-32 KPdf, KOffice: Stack overflow in included Xpdf code
200501-31 teTeX, pTeX, CSTeX: Multiple vulnerabilities
200501-30 CUPS: Stack overflow in included Xpdf code
200501-29 Mailman: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200501-28 Xpdf, GPdf: Stack overflow in Decrypt::makeFileKey2
200501-27 Ethereal: Multiple vulnerabilities
200501-26 ImageMagick: PSD decoding heap overflow
200501-25 Squid: Multiple vulnerabilities
200501-24 tnftp: Arbitrary file overwriting
200501-23 Exim: Two buffer overflows
200501-22 poppassd_pam: Unauthorized password changing
200501-21 HylaFAX: hfaxd unauthorized login vulnerability
200501-20 o3read: Buffer overflow during file conversion
200501-19 imlib2: Buffer overflows in image decoding
200501-18 KDE FTP KIOslave: Command injection
200501-17 KPdf, KOffice: More vulnerabilities in included Xpdf
200501-16 Konqueror: Java sandbox vulnerabilities
200501-15 UnRTF: Buffer overflow
200501-14 mpg123: Buffer overflow
200501-13 pdftohtml: Vulnerabilities in included Xpdf
200501-12 TikiWiki: Arbitrary command execution
200501-11 Dillo: Format string vulnerability
200501-10 Vilistextum: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200501-09 xzgv: Multiple overflows
200501-08 phpGroupWare: Various vulnerabilities
200501-07 xine-lib: Multiple overflows
200501-06 tiff: New overflows in image decoding
200501-05 mit-krb5: Heap overflow in libkadm5srv
200501-04 Shoutcast Server: Remote code execution
200501-03 Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird: Various vulnerabilities
200501-02 a2ps: Multiple vulnerabilities
200501-01 LinPopUp: Buffer overflow in message reply
200412-27 PHProjekt: Remote code execution vulnerability
200412-26 ViewCVS: Information leak and XSS vulnerabilities
200412-25 CUPS: Multiple vulnerabilities
200412-24 Xpdf, GPdf: New integer overflows
200412-23 Zwiki: XSS vulnerability
200412-22 mpg123: Playlist buffer overflow
200412-21 MPlayer: Multiple overflows
200412-20 NASM: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200412-19 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200412-18 abcm2ps: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200412-17 kfax: Multiple overflows in the included TIFF library
200412-16 kdelibs, kdebase: Multiple vulnerabilities
200412-15 Ethereal: Multiple vulnerabilities
200412-14 PHP: Multiple vulnerabilities
200412-13 Samba: Integer overflow
200412-12 Adobe Acrobat Reader: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200412-11 Cscope: Insecure creation of temporary files
200412-10 Vim, gVim: Vulnerable options in modelines
200412-09 ncpfs: Buffer overflow in ncplogin and ncpmap
200412-08 nfs-utils: Multiple remote vulnerabilities
200412-07 file: Arbitrary code execution
200412-06 PHProjekt: setup.php vulnerability
200412-05 mirrorselect: Insecure temporary file creation
200412-04 Perl: Insecure temporary file creation
200412-03 imlib: Buffer overflows in image decoding
200412-02 PDFlib: Multiple overflows in the included TIFF library
200412-01 rssh, scponly: Unrestricted command execution
200411-38 Sun and Blackdown Java: Applet privilege escalation
200411-37 Open DC Hub: Remote code execution
200411-36 phpMyAdmin: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities
200411-35 phpWebSite: HTTP response splitting vulnerability
200411-34 Cyrus IMAP Server: Multiple remote vulnerabilities
200411-33 TWiki: Arbitrary command execution
200411-32 phpBB: Remote command execution
200411-31 ProZilla: Multiple vulnerabilities
200411-30 pdftohtml: Vulnerabilities in included Xpdf
200411-29 unarj: Long filenames buffer overflow and a path traversal vulnerability
200411-28 X.Org, XFree86: libXpm vulnerabilities
200411-27 Fcron: Multiple vulnerabilities
200411-26 GIMPS, SETI@home, ChessBrain: Insecure installation
200411-25 SquirrelMail: Encoded text XSS vulnerability
200411-24 BNC: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200411-23 Ruby: Denial of Service issue
200411-22 Davfs2, lvm-user: Insecure tempfile handling
200411-21 Samba: Multiple vulnerabilities
200411-20 ez-ipupdate: Format string vulnerability
200411-19 Pavuk: Multiple buffer overflows
200411-18 Apache 2.0: Denial of Service by memory consumption
200411-17 mtink: Insecure tempfile handling
200411-16 zip: Path name buffer overflow
200411-15 OpenSSL, Groff: Insecure tempfile handling
200411-14 Kaffeine, gxine: Remotely exploitable buffer overflow
200411-13 Portage, Gentoolkit: Temporary file vulnerabilities
200411-12 zgv: Multiple buffer overflows
200411-11 ImageMagick: EXIF buffer overflow
200411-10 Gallery: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
200411-09 shadow: Unauthorized modification of account information
200411-08 GD: Integer overflow
200411-07 Proxytunnel: Format string vulnerability
200411-06 MIME-tools: Virus detection evasion
200411-05 libxml2: Remotely exploitable buffer overflow
200411-04 Speedtouch USB driver: Privilege escalation vulnerability
200411-03 Apache 1.3: Buffer overflow vulnerability in mod_include
200411-02 Cherokee: Format string vulnerability
200411-01 ppp: No denial of service vulnerability
200410-31 Archive::Zip: Virus detection evasion
200410-30 GPdf, KPDF, KOffice: Vulnerabilities in included xpdf
200410-29 PuTTY: Pre-authentication buffer overflow
200410-28 rssh: Format string vulnerability
200410-27 mpg123: Buffer overflow vulnerabilities
200410-26 socat: Format string vulnerability
200410-25 Netatalk: Insecure tempfile handling in
200410-24 MIT krb5: Insecure temporary file use in
200410-23 Gaim: Multiple vulnerabilities
200410-22 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
200410-21 Apache 2, mod_ssl: Bypass of SSLCipherSuite directive
200410-20 Xpdf, CUPS: Multiple integer overflows
200410-19 glibc: Insecure tempfile handling in catchsegv script
200410-18 Ghostscript: Insecure temporary file use in multiple scripts
200410-17 Temporary files disclosure
200410-16 PostgreSQL: Insecure temporary file use in make_oidjoins_check
200410-15 Squid: Remote DoS vulnerability
200410-14 phpMyAdmin: Vulnerability in MIME-based transformation system
200410-13 BNC: Input validation flaw
200410-12 WordPress: HTTP response splitting and XSS vulnerabilities
200410-11 tiff: Buffer overflows in image decoding
200410-10 gettext: Insecure temporary file handling
200410-09 LessTif: Integer and stack overflows in libXpm
200410-08 ncompress: Buffer overflow
200410-07 ed: Insecure temporary file handling
200410-06 CUPS: Leakage of sensitive information
200410-05 Cyrus-SASL: Buffer overflow and SASL_PATH vulnerabilities
200410-04 PHP: Memory disclosure and arbitrary location file upload
200410-03 NetKit-telnetd: buffer overflows in telnet and telnetd
200410-02 Netpbm: Multiple temporary file issues
200410-01 sharutils: Buffer overflows in shar.c and unshar.c
200409-35 Subversion: Metadata information leak
200409-34, XFree86: Integer and stack overflows in libXpm
200409-33 Apache: Exposure of protected directories
200409-32 getmail: Filesystem overwrite vulnerability
200409-31 jabberd 1.x: Denial of Service vulnerability
200409-30 xine-lib: Multiple vulnerabilities
200409-29 FreeRADIUS: Multiple Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200409-28 GTK+ 2, gdk-pixbuf: Multiple image decoding vulnerabilities
200409-27 glFTPd: Local buffer overflow vulnerability
200409-26 Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Epiphany: New releases fix vulnerabilities
200409-25 CUPS: Denial of service vulnerability
200409-24 Foomatic: Arbitrary command execution in foomatic-rip filter
200409-23 SnipSnap: HTTP response splitting
200409-22 phpGroupWare: XSS vulnerability in wiki module
200409-21 Apache 2, mod_dav: Multiple vulnerabilities
200409-20 mpg123: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200409-19 Heimdal: ftpd root escalation
200409-18 cdrtools: Local root vulnerability in cdrecord if set SUID root
200409-17 SUS: Local root vulnerability
200409-16 Samba: Denial of Service vulnerabilities
200409-15 Webmin, Usermin: Multiple vulnerabilities in Usermin
200409-14 Samba: Remote printing non-vulnerability
200409-13 LHa: Multiple vulnerabilities
200409-12 ImageMagick, imlib, imlib2: BMP decoding buffer overflows
200409-11 star: Suid root vulnerability
200409-10 multi-gnome-terminal: Information leak
200409-09 MIT krb5: Multiple vulnerabilities
200409-08 Ruby: CGI::Session creates files insecurely
200409-07 xv: Buffer overflows in image handling
200409-06 eGroupWare: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities
200409-05 Gallery: Arbitrary command execution
200409-04 Squid: Denial of service when using NTLM authentication
200409-03 Python 2.2: Buffer overflow in getaddrinfo()
200409-02 MySQL: Insecure temporary file creation in mysqlhotcopy
200409-01 vpopmail: Multiple vulnerabilities
200408-27 Gaim: New vulnerabilities
200408-26 zlib: Denial of service vulnerability
200408-25 MoinMoin: Group ACL bypass
200408-24 Linux Kernel: Multiple information leaks
200408-23 kdelibs: Cross-domain cookie injection vulnerability
200408-22 Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Galeon, Epiphany: New releases fix vulnerabilities
200408-21 Cacti: SQL injection vulnerability
200408-20 Qt: Image loader overflows
200408-19 courier-imap: Remote Format String Vulnerability
200408-18 xine-lib: VCD MRL buffer overflow
200408-17 rsync: Potential information leakage
200408-16 glibc: Information leak with LD_DEBUG
200408-15 Tomcat: Insecure installation
200408-14 acroread: UUDecode filename buffer overflow
200408-13 kdebase, kdelibs: Multiple security issues
200408-12 Gaim: MSN protocol parsing function buffer overflow
200408-11 Nessus: "adduser" race condition vulnerability
200408-10 gv: Exploitable Buffer Overflow
200408-09 Roundup: Filesystem access vulnerability
200408-08 Cfengine: RSA Authentication Heap Corruption
200408-07 Horde-IMP: Input validation vulnerability for Internet Explorer users
200408-06 SpamAssassin: Denial of Service vulnerability
200408-05 Opera: Multiple new vulnerabilities
200408-04 PuTTY: Pre-authentication arbitrary code execution
200408-03 libpng: Numerous vulnerabilities
200408-02 Courier: Cross-site scripting vulnerability in SqWebMail
200408-01 MPlayer: GUI filename handling overflow
200407-23 SoX: Multiple buffer overflows
200407-22 phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200407-21 Samba: Multiple buffer overflows
200407-20 Subversion: Vulnerability in mod_authz_svn
200407-19 Pavuk: Digest authentication helper buffer overflow
200407-18 mod_ssl: Format string vulnerability
200407-17 l2tpd: Buffer overflow
200407-16 Linux Kernel: Multiple DoS and permission vulnerabilities
200407-15 Opera: Multiple spoofing vulnerabilities
200407-14 Unreal Tournament 2003/2004: Buffer overflow in 'secure' queries
200407-13 PHP: Multiple security vulnerabilities
200407-12 Linux Kernel: Remote DoS vulnerability with IPTables TCP Handling
200407-11 wv: Buffer overflow vulnerability
200407-10 rsync: Directory traversal in rsync daemon
200407-09 MoinMoin: Group ACL bypass
200407-08 Ethereal: Multiple security problems
200407-07 Shorewall : Insecure temp file handling
200407-06 libpng: Buffer overflow on row buffers
200407-05 XFree86, XDM ignores requestPort setting
200407-04 Pure-FTPd: Potential DoS when maximum connections is reached
200407-03 Apache 2: Remote denial of service attack
200407-02 Linux Kernel: Multiple vulnerabilities
200407-01 Esearch: Insecure temp file handling
200406-22 Pavuk: Remote buffer overflow
200406-21 mit-krb5: Multiple buffer overflows in krb5_aname_to_localname
200406-20 FreeS/WAN, Openswan, strongSwan: Vulnerabilities in certificate handling
200406-19 giFT-FastTrack: remote denial of service attack
200406-18 gzip: Insecure creation of temporary files
200406-17 IPsec-Tools: authentication bug in racoon
200406-16 Apache 1.3: Buffer overflow in mod_proxy
200406-15 Usermin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200406-14 aspell: Buffer overflow in word-list-compress
200406-13 Squid: NTLM authentication helper buffer overflow
200406-12 Webmin: Multiple vulnerabilities
200406-11 Horde-IMP: Input validation vulnerability
200406-10 Gallery: Privilege escalation vulnerability
200406-09 Horde-Chora: Remote code execution
200406-08 Squirrelmail: Another XSS vulnerability
200406-07 Subversion: Remote heap overflow
200406-06 CVS: additional DoS and arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities
200406-05 Apache: Buffer overflow in mod_ssl
200406-04 Mailman: Member password disclosure vulnerability
200406-03 sitecopy: Multiple vulnerabilities in included libneon
200406-02 tripwire: Format string vulnerability
200406-01 Ethereal: Multiple security problems
200405-25 tla: Multiple vulnerabilities in included libneon
200405-24 MPlayer, xine-lib: vulnerabilities in RTSP stream handling
200405-23 Heimdal: Kerberos 4 buffer overflow in kadmin
200405-22 Apache 1.3: Multiple vulnerabilities
200405-21 Midnight Commander: Multiple vulnerabilities
200405-20 Insecure Temporary File Creation In MySQL
200405-19 Opera telnet URI handler file creation/truncation vulnerability
200405-18 Buffer Overflow in Firebird
200405-17 Multiple vulnerabilities in metamail
200405-16 Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in SquirrelMail
200405-15 cadaver heap-based buffer overflow
200405-14 Buffer overflow in Subversion
200405-13 neon heap-based buffer overflow
200405-12 CVS heap overflow vulnerability
200405-11 KDE URI Handler Vulnerabilities
200405-10 Icecast denial of service vulnerability
200405-09 ProFTPD Access Control List bypass vulnerability
200405-08 Pound format string vulnerability
200405-07 Exim verify=header_syntax buffer overflow
200405-06 libpng denial of service vulnerability
200405-05 Utempter symlink vulnerability
200405-04 vulnerability when using DAV servers
200405-03 ClamAV VirusEvent parameter vulnerability
200405-02 Multiple vulnerabilities in LHa
200405-01 Multiple format string vulnerabilities in neon 0.24.4 and earlier
200404-21 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Samba
200404-20 Multiple vulnerabilities in xine
200404-19 Buffer overflows and format string vulnerabilities in LCDproc
200404-18 Multiple Vulnerabilities in ssmtp
200404-17 ipsec-tools and iputils contain a remote DoS vulnerability
200404-16 Multiple new security vulnerabilities in monit
200404-15 XChat 2.0.x SOCKS5 Vulnerability
200404-14 Multiple format string vulnerabilities in cadaver
200404-13 CVS Server and Client Vulnerabilities
200404-12 Scorched 3D server chat box format string vulnerability
200404-11 Multiple Vulnerabilities in pwlib
200404-10 iproute local Denial of Service vulnerability
200404-09 Cross-realm trust vulnerability in Heimdal
200404-08 GNU Automake symbolic link vulnerability
200404-07 ClamAV RAR Archive Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerability
200404-06 Util-linux login may leak sensitive data
200404-05 ipsec-tools contains an X.509 certificates vulnerability.
200404-04 Multiple vulnerabilities in sysstat
200404-03 Tcpdump Vulnerabilities in ISAKMP Parsing
200404-02 KDE Personal Information Management Suite Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
200404-01 Insecure sandbox temporary lockfile vulnerabilities in Portage
200403-14 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Monit
200403-13 Remote buffer overflow in MPlayer
200403-12 OpenLDAP DoS Vulnerability
200403-11 Squid ACL [url_regex] bypass vulnerability
200403-10 Fetchmail 6.2.5 fixes a remote DoS
200403-09 Buffer overflow in Midnight Commander
200403-08 oftpd DoS vulnerability
200403-07 Multiple remote overflows and vulnerabilities in Ethereal
200403-06 Multiple remote buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Courier
200403-05 UUDeview MIME Buffer Overflow
200403-04 Multiple security vulnerabilities in Apache 2
200403-03 Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities
200403-02 Linux kernel do_mremap local privilege escalation vulnerability
200403-01 Libxml2 URI Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
200402-07 Clam Antivirus DoS vulnerability
200402-06 Updated kernel packages fix the AMD64 ptrace vulnerability
200402-05 phpMyAdmin < 2.5.6-rc1: possible attack against export.php
200402-04 Gallery 1.4.1 and below remote exploit vulnerability
200402-03 Monkeyd Denial of Service vulnerability
200402-02 XFree86 Font Information File Buffer Overflow
200402-01 PHP setting leaks from .htaccess files on virtual hosts
200401-04 GAIM 0.75 Remote overflows
200401-03 Apache mod_python Denial of Service vulnerability
200401-02 Honeyd remote detection vulnerability via a probe packet
200401-01 Linux kernel do_mremap() local privilege escalation vulnerability
200312-08 CVS: possible root compromise when using CVS pserver
200312-07 Two buffer overflows in lftp
200312-06 XChat: malformed dcc send request denial of service
200312-05 GnuPG: ElGamal signing keys compromised and format string vulnerability
200312-04 CVS: malformed module request vulnerability
200312-03 rsync: exploitable heap overflow
200311-08 Libnids: remote code execution vulnerability
200311-07 phpSysInfo: arbitrary code execution and directory traversal
200311-06 glibc: getgrouplist buffer overflow vulnerability
200311-05 Ethereal: security problems in ethereal 0.9.15
200311-04 FreeRADIUS: heap exploit and NULL pointer dereference vulnerability
200311-03 HylaFAX: Remote code exploit in hylafax
200311-02 Opera: buffer overflows in 7.11 and 7.20
200311-01 kdebase: KDM vulnerabilities
200310-04 Apache: buffer overflows and a possible information disclosure
200310-03 Apache: multiple buffer overflows